Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Lesson in Manners

Now I'm not claiming to be the know all be all of manners.  Yes I have my vices but I do consider my self a generally considerate person.  For instance, when asked to be someplace at a certain time, I make it a point to arrive on time.  Whenever we had family Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, parties of any sort, my family was ALWAYS late.  I remember one year my mom was so upset about us always being late, she told my dad that the get together started 2 hours earlier than it actually did so we would get there on time.  It was a move like this that helped me realize that I HATE being late.  And as someone who prides herself on being a good hostess and a gracious guest, I find it UNBELIEVABLY rude to show up late or just not show up and not call.  
Now, translate this into everyday life and not just parties and get togethers. I understand showing up a tad bit late for class every now and then.  I understand that some people have class ALL the way ACROSS campus and may always walk in a few minutes late.  This I have no problem with.  However, I do have a LARGE problem with the fact that in my 50 minute chemistry class, there happens to be this one girl who walks in AT LEAST 20-30 minutes late EVERY class.  This isn't just once in a while, its EVERY day we have class.  Its not even like she can sneak in the back, the only way to get into class is through the front of the room through a very squeeky door!  I cannot believe how inconsiderate that is! UGH! And its not like she just rolled out of bed, the girl has her hair and makeup all nicely done when she walks in.  I just want to scream at her  "WAKE UP AN HOUR EARLIER!"  or "ITS A 9 O'CLOCK CHEM CLASS, NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE!!"