Saturday, November 26, 2011


Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!
Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite holidays for a couple of reasons!
1.  It's a holiday that is specifically celebrating Domesticity!
2.  You're supposed to eat a ton of food
3.  Naps are encouraged
4.  Shopping is integral
5.  It's the kickoff for the Christmas holiday season!!!
Some of the reasons that this holiday wasn't spectacular this year is this: work.  I had to work a 14 hour day on Thanksgiving.  A majority of that involved me being on my feet which was pretty brutal.  I got to meet a TON of really neat people while I was serving drinks in the box suite for the Texas A&M vs tu game.  While the game was a joke due to poor reffing, the night was pretty much otherwise enjoyable.
Thanksgiving is just a wonderful time of year because everyone gets together and you all get to express what you're thankful for :)
As one of the children I babysit said, "I'm thankful for everything good!"

Monday, November 21, 2011


I'm normally not a fan of watching Christmas movies before Thanksgiving.  However, I will make exceptions.  Serendipity came on TV this weekend and I absolutely love this movie.  It's super sweet and fills any girl with hope that her Mr. Perfect does in fact exist!  I've had an absolutely fantastic week and this was just the serendipitous cherry on top!  In the first few minutes of the movie, Kate Beckinsale's character simply defines serendipity as a fortunate accident.
I'm a huge believer in Karma and Fate and try to put good things out into the universe so that I get good things back! :)  This week I feel like I've collected all my good Karma points; it's been so wonderful!
I would classify myself as a cheerful and positive person; lately, it hasn't been showing.  My friend Twyla told me this week, "I've never seen you this happy!"

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Ok so in celebration of my turning 21 finally, (YAY!) I've decided to list 21 things I loved about my birthday week! (In no particular order)
21. All my homework was done for the week before my birthday started!!
20. I got to order girly drinks!!
19. I got Carded!!!
18. I have been absolutely ecstatic all week!
17. I started some more planning for my trip to London!
16. I got to talk to one of my great friends in Utah!
15. I finally got to play pool in college!
14. Strawberry Margaritas!
13. Mojitos!
12. I am starting to reconnect with some of my cousins!
11. I got AWESOME presents from everyone!
10. My friend Ashley did my hair perfectly!!!
9. I got a Birthday Banner and gift from the kids I babysit!
8. I got a ton of birthday cards from my students!
7. The weather was perfect!
6. I didn't have to work hardly ever!
5. I went to my first ring dunk! (it's an Aggie thing)
4. I finally got to tailgate!
3. I got to spend time with Jessica for a girls weekend!!!
2. I didn't get carded!!!
1. Getting to see and hang out with wonderful friends!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
I lovvvvvvvvvvve birthdays!! They are wonderful and magical and as adults, we tend to forget how magical it is! Last Thursday, I went to my field assignment and all my students were so excited to wish me a Happy Birthday! I got a bunch of homemade construction paper birthday cards and about a million hugs!!!  Then I went to babysit and the kids I babysit made me a HUGE banner that said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"  Kids just think that birthdays are the most magical thing in the entire world!  And, ya know what?  I kind of agree.  I had a severe case of the "birthday blues" last year.  Not this year!!! :) This year, I am THRILLED to turn 21!! That's right!! 21!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I know I know

One of my biggest pet peeves is when bloggers don't blog at least semi regularity.  In order to try and blog every day, I tried the 30 days of lists challenge.  Since we only made through about list 14, it's safe to say, that didn't really work.  I hate this excuse, but I've just been INSANELY busy!!! My mentor teacher has been out about one day a week this last month which makes my job a lot more intense when I'm there and the last thing I want to do after having taught for 8 hours, and then working my other job for another few hours, is to get on the computer and blog.  It's a really terrible excuse and one that I am trying to make sure doesn't happen too much any more which should be easier.  Why might it be easier you might ask??  Well that would be because I only have about 3 weeks left of school and it shouldn't be too hectic! I promise to try better with my blogging and keep it up!