Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer Bucket List

I'm sure you're all familiar with bucket lists. (don't EVER watch that movie with Morgan Freeman).  I have decided to make a bucket list since this is my last summer in college.  It's the last time I can do stupid stuff and still be able to tell people, "back when I was in college..."
This is my summer bucket list: (in no particular order)

1.  Learn to shoot a handgun
2.  Ice skate
3.  ACTUALLY go see movies
4.  Spend a majority of my free time at the beach with one of the besties
5.  Take a road trip (just a day trip at least) someplace new!
6.  Get another piercing
7.  sing karaoke 
8.  Don't think - just do
9.  Go to Lake Bryan
10.  Go to a concert
11.  go dancing - like country dancing
12.  Successfully make clothespin cookies
13.  keep in contact with everyone who is important to me
14.  Live in a clean apartment - all summer - Ashley, don't laugh too hard at that one
15.  READ
16.  Lay out & tannnnnnn
17.  work out
18.  Go bowling with friends frequently
19.  Pass Texas Government
20.  Float the river with friends!

The ones in italics are the ones I'm really nervous about....