Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Its a wonderful day in the neighborhood!!.... NOT

Dear neighbor.
I do not know who you are but I would like to politely request that you turn the freaking bass down.  I do not know if you listen to your music in the house, garage or your car.  It is obnoxious and I should not be able to hear your gangsta rap laying in my bed.  This being said, I would also like to state your other offenses towards me and my house:
1) Do NOT ever park or allow a guest to park directly in front of or in my driveway.  This is not polite nor appropriate.
2) Do NOT pull into my drive way to turn around, miss the gravel and dig up half my yard trying to get out
3) Do not park directly behind my driveway.  If you honestly think I won't back into you, you're crazy.
4) Do NOT pull my mailbox out of the yard in a drunken fit.
5) Finally, Do NOT invite all your obnoxious red-neck friends in their big trucks to come play pool OUTSIDE.  This is not ok for the following reasons: a) Trucks take up the whole street b) who the HECK plays pool outside?

Thanks and Gig'em
Your friendly neighbor

Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to Mayberry Folks!

Today I spent my day watching the rest of Weeds season 5.  If you haven't gotten hooked on it, then you really ought to!  Its FANTASTIC, a little mature (read a LOT mature) but TOTALLY worth it!!  After that was over, I made lunch for me and my sister.  Nothing special or extravagant, just ravioli from the freezer and sauce from a can.  I spent all day working on my homework for classes and was much relieved to get a bunch of it out of the way and finished!!!  My day was going uneventful but totally wonderful until I got a text message.

This text message was from my sub-co (sub committee) leader.  She had decided to call a meeting for tonight.  Now these 'meetings', I use this term extremely loosely, normally consist of two or three of the five or six members showing up and our 'leader' talking/gossiping/wasting our time for a good hour or two.  These meetings generally start at 8 which is fine now that I have a car.  But when I had to ride my bike up in the cold/wet/wind/rain/dark, etc. it was frustrating.  I would have to bike home, exhausted and pissed off (because I have yet to leave one of those meetings in a good mood).  Not a recipe for perfection.  So the first text I got said the meeting was at 8.  I said, "I'll be there"  The thing is, I have to say, I'm quitting this organization.  This week infact.  I just don't enjoy the meetings or any of the things affiliated with it, with the exception of the "big sib" program, that I LOVE!! :)  So then when at 7, I got a text saying hey, meeting at 8:30, I was like, I am not gonna be able to make it.  So then she wanted an explanation.  So I made up some bull about ride difficulty and that I had a bunch of work to get done for tomorrow.  I wanted to get more of my work done so that technically wasn't a lie.  So anyway, she got pissed and was like, "these meetings are mandatory, you need to be there"  So i did what anyone else would do, I said I'd be there.  

I left my house and turned onto the main street.  I drove a little ways and then saw police lights lighting up my car.  I pulled over and got out my license.  I've never been pulled over before in my life.  I was terrified.  The worst thing was, I had no idea what I was being pulled over for, I knew I wasn't speeding, so I was clueless.  The cop went into the whole, I'm officer so and so and I need to see your license and insurance.  I gave him the stuff.  then I asked, why was I pulled over?  He replied with "are you in a hurry ma'am?" Me: "Well, I'm on my way to a meeting but I'm not like late or anything."  
Officer: "well Miss, you failed to turn into the proper lane when turning right back there.  See you made a wide right turn"
Me: "I did?  Oh I'm so sorry, I guess I just didn't realize.  I mean I knew that both lanes were clear and safe for me to turn into"
Officer:" Well, I'm gonna go run these(points to license and insurance)"
Me: ok..... (sniffle sniffle, don't cry don't cry)
Officer:  "What I'm going to do is give you a warning.  Sign here and do you have any questions?"
Me: "ummmm Ya, actually, what does getting a warning mean. Like do I have to do anything? (ya now I know it was a stupid question but cut me some slack, I've never been pulled over before)
Officer: "Well Miss. What it means is you need to be a better, safer driver.  You have to pay attention to what you're doing."
Me: (in my head) Well no kidding!  Thanks for being an jerk  out loud: "ok, Thanks officer"

So Then I proceeded to my meeting where only 3 members were there and I was absolutely NO help whatsoever to the process and the 'leader' had nothing for us to do.  It was pointless for me to waste my time there and if I had just stayed at home and not gone to that stupid meeting, I wouldn't have gotten pulled over.  To me, this sounds like God's way of telling me that I am making the right decision when it comes to getting out of this club.  

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back into the Swing of Things....

I've spent the first week of classes adjusting and trying to get back into a groove.  Last semester, the groove just appeared, it came to me instantly!!  But then again, a lot of the groove depended on my friends and going out with them and all those social type things.  As this semester starts, I have been more focused on getting better MUCH better grades than last semester.  Its not that my grades were bad.....but they weren't great either.  I don't want to spend all of my time studying or doing homework but I really do need to be more dedicated.  Which I am not only saying, I have already put it into action!!!  So far, I have started on the math homework that isn't due until Friday and not only started my 30+ chemistry assignments but completed them.  ALL of them!!!! EVEN the optional ones!!!!!!  Yay for change!! :)

My classes so far don't seem excessively difficult.  However, two of them WILL kick my patootey.  One because the course material is going to be difficult and one because my professor is an jerk.  His mission is to make at least one girl cry in his class each semester.  Oh ya, he's a winner.....not.  and my math class... I've never had any desire whatsoever to learn calculus why would I gain one now?  Oh, well, at least that professor seems like she wants us to succeed in her class and actually do well!!  Its the professors that want you to fail their class and want to make it their mission to fail the class that I have a problem with.

My favorite class this semester will be my music class.  My professor has an uncanny likeness to Mr. Shoester from Glee.  But not necessarily in the looks department but in the mannerism and attitude department their identical!!!!  He is such a FANTASTIC professor and really knows how to get the class to participate in the music we're learning about.  Plus he plays in an orchestra!  Gotta love a musician!!! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bus rides through campus

This week, I've been riding the busses to get to and from my car.  I have been using this time to catch up on my people watching... Here are the people I have observed:

Mr. Cell phone Cowboy:
You are a college student, you are NOT a CEO or VP or other acronym at a high powered corporate office.  Because of that, DON'T wear your cell phone on your belt.  This look is cheapened still by the fact that it is coupled with jeans and a Texas sized belt buckle and a ball cap.  You obviously are not important enough for nicer clothes so put the darn thing in your pocket.  Its not like you wouldn't feel it on vibrate or hear it.  You're wearing denim and the last time I checked, denim wasn't sound proof!!

Miss/Mr. I'm too cool to care
You show up to the bus stop in PAJAMAS, now I get it if you were running late but honestly? when I'm on the bus early, I don't understand why you couldn't wait for the next bus in 10 min and put some pants on!!!Or for a simpler solution, sleep in clothes that are acceptable daywear!!! Or, just set your clock ahead or set your alarm for faster. These are NOT difficult conclusions to come to!!

Obnoxious, I'm so much better than you and I'm only taking the bus so the humidity doesn't ruin my hair girl
This girl, wearing a tank top, distressed jeans, Huge sunglasses and a chip on her shoulder, sat directly across from me and for the entire bus ride, continued putting her head between her knees to 'fluff' her hair.  Needless to say, I ended up with that girl's hair on my book countless times.  

While all these people get on and off the bus, I can not even begin to describe the other obnoxious people that ride the bus.  There are the casual conversation starters, you know them the "oh I'll probably never see you after this but lets have an in depth conversation about your life goals!"  and the leg shaker/pencil tapper and the I'M ON A BUS SO I HAVE TO SHOUT TO HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH THE PERSON SITTING NEXT TO ME, and the "Like NO WAY!! UH! AH! Oh!  OMG! He DIDN'T.  Nuh uh!!!! OH EM GEE!!!!" also known as cell phone talker.  and then there is the quite, non-obnoxious book reader, she occasionally laughs at a quip in her novel or ties her hair up so it stops falling in her face.  This girl moves her feet so people can get through the aisle, she puts her bag on the floor or her lap to open up a seat. I wonder which one I am?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

“To be alone is to be different, to be different is to be alone.” ~ Susan Gordon

Sometimes, you can be in a huge group of people, at lunch in a room full of friends and familiar faces, at a meeting these bouts of loneliness that you find who you are and how you react and deal with things on your own.  These times can be great revelations But sometimes, you can be swimming in a sea of people and you feel more alone and out of place than you do when you're the only one standing in the room.  You can have all the friends in the world surrounding you and all that matters is that you can't confide in them because of one reason or another.  Maybe its because you know something you shouldn't, or you're jealous of their successes or you have you own circle of drama unfolding in front of everyone's eyes.

These times when you're all alone and having to make difficult decisions can be killer because in any other situation, you'd run to your best friend and ask their opinion.  Now you might be faced with a situation where you can't run to your best friends because you don't want to hurt them or put them in the middle of anything and maybe you can't tell any of your other friends because your decision will effect them too and you don't want to bias their opinion and then of course the people you can go to aren't responsive or have their own things to take care of and giving you an unbiased opinion isn't on their todo list for the day and then of course, maybe you just don't know how to explain the situation to anyone.  All of these COMPLETELY hypothetical situations can be frustrating and leave you feeling completely alone and unsure of what to do.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dentist Barbie

Today was an interesting day to say the least!!!  I got to spend a good part of the day with Troy which was super fun!! We went to the mall and hung out and with the exception of the glow in the dark tapers he got for his ears, Troy got some pretty cool stuff!!!  After a morning of shopping and driving around with Troy, I begrudgingly went to the dentist's office.

OF COURSE, I get a new dental hygienist.  Not only is she new, and young, she looks IDENTICAL to a Barbie doll.  Now, I  could be wrong because I didn't really ever get into collecting Barbies, but I don't think there was ever a "dental hygienist Barbie." Which to me says that even Barbie was too intelligent to be a dental hygienist!!! This girl was super tall, super skinny and had a stick straight pony tail just begging you to pull out a Barbie hair brush and brush it!  After she introduced herself to me and commented on how she liked my purse, she started to get the x-ray machine out.  Now, I know the last time I was there, they did all sorts of things that my insurance didn't cover; so this time, I was on the lookout.  I know that my insurance company only does x-rays once a year so I knew I wasn't due for them yet.  When I was like, "umm I had those done last time," she went to the powers that be and came back and said, "Oh! I must have read the chart wrong!!"  This didn't really inspire much confidence in Miss Barbie.  When she began the cleaning, she described EVERY LITTLE detail.  "Now I'm putting the suction tube in your mouth, this will suck out all the water!"  In my head I was thinking, "No duh blondie! I'm not four"  This ensued for about a half hour, then the real dentist came over.  One thing about dentists that I HATE would be their uncanny ability to come up with the most insipid questions to ask you.  It would be one thing if they were yes/no questions but they aren't, not even one word answers.  They require explanation and thought out responses.  Not something that is easily articulated with a set of hands in your mouth!!!!  The only joy of going to the dentist office is knowing that you don't have to go back for 6 more months!!!

Happy:  Hanging out with Troy this morning :)
Crappy: Going to the dentist's office :(

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Regrets? ...... I think NOT!!

You can play it over and over again in your mind but no matter how many times you replay it you can't change it.  For instance, maybe you think you should have spoken up, you should have said something.  But no matter how many times you figure out the perfect thing to say, that moment, that instant is gone.  Its not figuring out what you should have said that you should waste your time on, its figuring out what to do so that you don't let moments like that pass you by. Because if you keep letting them pass you by, all you'll end up with is regrets, well what if, maybe I should have, why didn't I.... etc.  Its reasons like these that I don't want to have a gazillion regrets this year.  I resolve to regret less and live more!!!  One thing I hate most that guys say is "you intimidated me so I didn't want to ask you out."  Its like GROW A PAIR already!!!!  Its just an excuse and I don't want to let that be one of mine.  Therefore, I plan to live a little more this year.  Not spend as much time at home watching Friends, and spending more time meeting new people and having more fun!!!!

Happy: Went out to lunch with my parents
Crappy:  spent most of the day exhausted

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sew What?!

Its officially the New Year and I still haven't figured out what my resolutions are/should be...... I suppose one should be that I resolve to obey my resolutions and stick to them.  Last year I resolved to loose 20 pounds and after gaining more I gave up on it.  Then by a miracle (or biking 20 miles a week) I lost the weight putting me right where I was last year.  Other than that the usual, Go to the rec more, eat healthier, live life more, get organized....blah blah blah!  I know I won't go to the rec, I know I only like certain foods, I can't change my fundamental beliefs and have no intention of doing so and honestly for the first time in a really long time, I think I'm in a really good place in life.  This could all be said because of the euphoria of the New Year.  I'll probably be back to the WHY?! Oh WHY is my life this way?!? in a week or so.

I started the year out at home with my family, which try as I might to spend it with friends, I really enjoy that time with my family.  Per the theme of the year, no traditions were followed other than drinking Martinelli's finest at midnight.  No noise makers. No confetti.  No Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve (at least until the ball dropped).  I'm starting to realize that the more traditions you have, the less they mean to you.  So what if your Grandmother ALWAYS served things this way or that, or ALWAYS cooked something this way or that.  It doesn't matter and I'm slowly starting to realize, its not about what generations before you did, its about what you want to do with it.  If you don't wanna do everything or anything the same as your family the answer is simple: DON'T!

The week was kicked off with a quilting retreat to Rockport, TX!  There are 5 of us in this wonderful retreat house.  The gossip is abundant and conversation plentiful.  My only teeny tiny complaint is: THE MUSIC! We've been listening to one of the lady's iPods and I swear to you it contains awful 1950s music (not the sweet cute stuff) Beatles (no complaints), and some other random things.  Its all fine and dandy except we've been listening the same few songs OVER and OVER and OVER again.  Its all starting to sound the same, and its all starting to make me want to scream!!!  I guess that would be the one downfall of the 50s, the music.

Happy:  Got to work on a quilt I got for Christmas last year and hadn't looked at since AND I got to drive Daddy's BRAND NEW CAR!!! (but shhhhhhhh he doesn't know that )
Crappy:  the incessant noise coming from the ihome (I long for my GLEE soundtrack!!!!!!!)