Monday, January 4, 2010

Sew What?!

Its officially the New Year and I still haven't figured out what my resolutions are/should be...... I suppose one should be that I resolve to obey my resolutions and stick to them.  Last year I resolved to loose 20 pounds and after gaining more I gave up on it.  Then by a miracle (or biking 20 miles a week) I lost the weight putting me right where I was last year.  Other than that the usual, Go to the rec more, eat healthier, live life more, get organized....blah blah blah!  I know I won't go to the rec, I know I only like certain foods, I can't change my fundamental beliefs and have no intention of doing so and honestly for the first time in a really long time, I think I'm in a really good place in life.  This could all be said because of the euphoria of the New Year.  I'll probably be back to the WHY?! Oh WHY is my life this way?!? in a week or so.

I started the year out at home with my family, which try as I might to spend it with friends, I really enjoy that time with my family.  Per the theme of the year, no traditions were followed other than drinking Martinelli's finest at midnight.  No noise makers. No confetti.  No Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve (at least until the ball dropped).  I'm starting to realize that the more traditions you have, the less they mean to you.  So what if your Grandmother ALWAYS served things this way or that, or ALWAYS cooked something this way or that.  It doesn't matter and I'm slowly starting to realize, its not about what generations before you did, its about what you want to do with it.  If you don't wanna do everything or anything the same as your family the answer is simple: DON'T!

The week was kicked off with a quilting retreat to Rockport, TX!  There are 5 of us in this wonderful retreat house.  The gossip is abundant and conversation plentiful.  My only teeny tiny complaint is: THE MUSIC! We've been listening to one of the lady's iPods and I swear to you it contains awful 1950s music (not the sweet cute stuff) Beatles (no complaints), and some other random things.  Its all fine and dandy except we've been listening the same few songs OVER and OVER and OVER again.  Its all starting to sound the same, and its all starting to make me want to scream!!!  I guess that would be the one downfall of the 50s, the music.

Happy:  Got to work on a quilt I got for Christmas last year and hadn't looked at since AND I got to drive Daddy's BRAND NEW CAR!!! (but shhhhhhhh he doesn't know that )
Crappy:  the incessant noise coming from the ihome (I long for my GLEE soundtrack!!!!!!!)

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