Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Its a wonderful day in the neighborhood!!.... NOT

Dear neighbor.
I do not know who you are but I would like to politely request that you turn the freaking bass down.  I do not know if you listen to your music in the house, garage or your car.  It is obnoxious and I should not be able to hear your gangsta rap laying in my bed.  This being said, I would also like to state your other offenses towards me and my house:
1) Do NOT ever park or allow a guest to park directly in front of or in my driveway.  This is not polite nor appropriate.
2) Do NOT pull into my drive way to turn around, miss the gravel and dig up half my yard trying to get out
3) Do not park directly behind my driveway.  If you honestly think I won't back into you, you're crazy.
4) Do NOT pull my mailbox out of the yard in a drunken fit.
5) Finally, Do NOT invite all your obnoxious red-neck friends in their big trucks to come play pool OUTSIDE.  This is not ok for the following reasons: a) Trucks take up the whole street b) who the HECK plays pool outside?

Thanks and Gig'em
Your friendly neighbor

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