Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bus rides through campus

This week, I've been riding the busses to get to and from my car.  I have been using this time to catch up on my people watching... Here are the people I have observed:

Mr. Cell phone Cowboy:
You are a college student, you are NOT a CEO or VP or other acronym at a high powered corporate office.  Because of that, DON'T wear your cell phone on your belt.  This look is cheapened still by the fact that it is coupled with jeans and a Texas sized belt buckle and a ball cap.  You obviously are not important enough for nicer clothes so put the darn thing in your pocket.  Its not like you wouldn't feel it on vibrate or hear it.  You're wearing denim and the last time I checked, denim wasn't sound proof!!

Miss/Mr. I'm too cool to care
You show up to the bus stop in PAJAMAS, now I get it if you were running late but honestly? when I'm on the bus early, I don't understand why you couldn't wait for the next bus in 10 min and put some pants on!!!Or for a simpler solution, sleep in clothes that are acceptable daywear!!! Or, just set your clock ahead or set your alarm for faster. These are NOT difficult conclusions to come to!!

Obnoxious, I'm so much better than you and I'm only taking the bus so the humidity doesn't ruin my hair girl
This girl, wearing a tank top, distressed jeans, Huge sunglasses and a chip on her shoulder, sat directly across from me and for the entire bus ride, continued putting her head between her knees to 'fluff' her hair.  Needless to say, I ended up with that girl's hair on my book countless times.  

While all these people get on and off the bus, I can not even begin to describe the other obnoxious people that ride the bus.  There are the casual conversation starters, you know them the "oh I'll probably never see you after this but lets have an in depth conversation about your life goals!"  and the leg shaker/pencil tapper and the I'M ON A BUS SO I HAVE TO SHOUT TO HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH THE PERSON SITTING NEXT TO ME, and the "Like NO WAY!! UH! AH! Oh!  OMG! He DIDN'T.  Nuh uh!!!! OH EM GEE!!!!" also known as cell phone talker.  and then there is the quite, non-obnoxious book reader, she occasionally laughs at a quip in her novel or ties her hair up so it stops falling in her face.  This girl moves her feet so people can get through the aisle, she puts her bag on the floor or her lap to open up a seat. I wonder which one I am?

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