Sunday, January 10, 2010

Regrets? ...... I think NOT!!

You can play it over and over again in your mind but no matter how many times you replay it you can't change it.  For instance, maybe you think you should have spoken up, you should have said something.  But no matter how many times you figure out the perfect thing to say, that moment, that instant is gone.  Its not figuring out what you should have said that you should waste your time on, its figuring out what to do so that you don't let moments like that pass you by. Because if you keep letting them pass you by, all you'll end up with is regrets, well what if, maybe I should have, why didn't I.... etc.  Its reasons like these that I don't want to have a gazillion regrets this year.  I resolve to regret less and live more!!!  One thing I hate most that guys say is "you intimidated me so I didn't want to ask you out."  Its like GROW A PAIR already!!!!  Its just an excuse and I don't want to let that be one of mine.  Therefore, I plan to live a little more this year.  Not spend as much time at home watching Friends, and spending more time meeting new people and having more fun!!!!

Happy: Went out to lunch with my parents
Crappy:  spent most of the day exhausted

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