Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcome to Hell

Group projects.  Seemingly harmful assignments right?! False.  Group projects are a gift sent to us straight from the Devil himself.
What a group project is supposed to look like:
All students doing an equal share of the work
All students working together to create the work
All students working together
All students collaborating to arrive at the answers/final product

What they actually look like:
1 person organizes the group
1 person does the prep work
1 person does all the work
That one person happens to be the SAME person
Very little is done by all members

I'm currently involved in 2 group work heavy classes and let me just tell you: the freaking suck!  Some people argue that group projects prepare you to work in the "real world."  And I'm going to go ahead and say that that is a total complete lie.  Yes, you have to work together and collaborate in the "real world" but everyone is more invested because its 1) your job and 2) people will rat you out 3) if you don't know the material and can't explain your work to the boss man, you're screwed.  Group projects teach you one thing: single out the smartest person and team up with them so that they'll do all the work.  I of course am always the one who gets singled out like the weak gazelle on National Geographic.  I'd stay and rant longer, but I have work for other people to take credit for.

Monday, September 17, 2012

A letter entitled, my life sucks!

I had a really crappy day yesterday which, while it sucked yesterday, I can definitely laugh at it now.  Here is an email I wrote to my dear friend who is serving her mission.

Hey Bubbler!
So I had the worst day ever yesterday, but it's kind of actually hilarious now and I thought you might like to hear about it! :)
So I went to walk around downtown Bryan (kind of a sketch area) for a school project and let me tell you, if this is what you do walking around dangerous areas and going up to people who may or may not want to talk to you, i commend you because it scared the bejezzus out of me!! So we're walking around and we got honked at and whistled at more times than I care to count.  Then we were walking along and what do my little eye see?!?! The barrel of a shotgun pointed at the street.  Umm no thanks. So i turn to my group and say, no, we're leaving, i'm done. no more walking around for me!  Well we kept walking anyway because my scared little butt got out voted.  Turns out when he shot the gun, it was actually a bb gun, but still....it was mildly terrifying.  Anyway, so we went back to my place to do the write up portion of the project and no surprise here, I ended up having to do all the work :/  So im sitting there doing all the work putting the project together and then everyone leaves because they're just watching me work at this point and that is frustrating to say the least... ugh group projects! Anyway....to continue on with my day.  So i worked on some other homework...math, who decided we needed to learn this stuff?! And then I decide I need to hit up Sonic so that I can stay awake while trying to learn my math.  Well that required finding my keys.  Well let me tell you that yesterday morning I cleaned my room pretty good.  I couldn't find my silly keys anywhere.  So i began to panic, obviously.  So then I was like well maybe i locked them in my car. So I tried to break into my own car with a coat hanger....ya know, like in the movies.  Just like that.  Except it doesn't actually work like that. It's kind of impossible. Oh, and did I mention that it was raining at this point in the night when I'm trying to break into my own car? because it totally was. Well then i call my mom to brainstorm and problem solve and she told me to call AAA to have them unlock my car.  Well they unlock it and guess what! no keys..... well crap. So I call my friend ashley and tell her she needs to check her car because at this point, they're either at the mall in Houston someplace or in her car.....and I was hoping they were in her car.  So she went to check while I continued to PANIC majorly. Well she called me and they were in her car!! Yay! so I asked my roommate, victoria, to drive me to Ashley's to get my keys and I told her I'd buy her frozen yogurt if she took me.  So we pick up the keys and I run through the grass to get the keys from Ashley.  In case you've forgotten, it's still raining at this point. rain+grass=mud.  lots of it.  So i'm running in my flip flops and sliding all over the place and got my feet covered in mud.  so now that i've got the keys, i'm running back to the car and rinse my feet off in a puddle (you know you're a redneck when...lol) and get in the car to go get some fro yo with victoria.  So we make our fro yos and we go to pay. well i should say, try to pay. This idiot forgot her wallet at home.....So victoria had to pay.  I felt AWFUL!!! I tried to pay her back when we got home but she wouldn't take it, saying that my day was rough enough already. So let me tell you I was ready for sleep but since i'd done all that crazy running around and everything, I had to work on homework...... But today should be better. I hope....I think....I pray....

What's the worst day you've had?  Please tell me you've lost your keys too....right?!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Lo Siento!

I'm so sorry that I haven't been blogging. This girl got a little caught up in the working 3 jobs and trying to enjoy my very last summer as a "kid" ever!  I promise, I have a list of things to blog about which I will start writing about now! Well as soon as I say SORRY one more time for my unannounced hiatus from the blogosphere!!! :)

Back To School!

I love going back to school for quite a few reasons:
1. I love being on a schedule
2. Back To School Shopping!! new clothes, new pens, new pencils, new post-its!!!! Need I go on?
3. I get to go back to seeing my friends on a regular basis again!
4. I'm going to be a teacher, so clearly I love that whole school thing!
5.  Back to school clothes sales!!

Anyway, I got to thinking since today was my last first day of academic classes!  I started thinking about all my first days of school!!  When I was little, I was scared to go to school for the first time so my mom gave me a back pack teddy bear and I called her Lee.  My big seester had one named Louise (our middle names).  Whenever I got scared or missed my mom, I went to my back pack to sneak a peak at my teddy! I've always loved that idea and have been adamant that my children will have little back pack bears of their own one day. (one day very far away)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bucket List: Revisited

It's about a month left of summer and I decided I need to get to work on this bucket list!

1.  Learn to shoot a handgun
2.  Ice skate
3.  ACTUALLY go see movies - DONESKIES!!!! Saw Dark Knight, Spiderman, and Brave!!
4.  Spend a majority of my free time at the beach with the besties! Donish! Went to Corpus with Ashely and her family!
5.  Take a road trip (just a day trip at least) someplace new!  DONE!! Went to Corpus!!
6.  Get another piercing - not yet, but cartilage piercing here we come!!
7.  sing karaoke 
8.  Don't think - just do - I'm doing ok with this one!
9.  Go to Lake Bryan
10.  Go to a concert - Summer fest kickoff at Harry's counts right??
11.  go dancing - like country dancing
12.  Successfully make clothespin cookies
13.  keep in contact with everyone who is important to me I'm doing a fairly good job at this one!
14.  Live in a clean apartment - all summer - Ashley, don't laugh too hard at that one! The apartment is clean....My room is a different story... In my defense, I still haven't actually settled into my room yet.
15.  READ - pshhhh umm not so much
16.  Lay out & tannnnnnn - I had a decent tan going, then camp happened.
17.  work out - hahahaha what was I thinking....
18.  Go bowling with friends frequently
19.  Pass Texas Government - WITH A B!!!! BAM!
20.  Float the river with friends!

Okay, only 8 of the 20 have been done.... UHOH!!! HELP!!! Anyone who wants to help me complete these let me know!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hey there bloggy friends.  I have a HUGE apology to issue.  It's been months since I posted.  I can't say it's because I couldn't find the time, but I was in London and then working like crazy and then I took a mini vacation with a friend's family and now I'm working a camp for 3 weeks.  Oh and I had to pass Texas Poli Sci at some point in there too.  To help express my sincerest apologies, I'm including lots of eye candy today! Enjoy my pictures from London!

The Seester in the courtyard of the Victoria & Albert Museum

Just me chillin in a phone booth

Burberry Outlet Store - Everything was still wayyyy too expensive

Westminster Abbey - LOVED IT

Outside Buckingham Palace gates 
Seester outside the Palace

Just headed to Hogwarts - No big deal!

Golden Carriage at the Royal Mews

We had to take a picture with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!!

More about London to come soon!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I haven't posted in forever and I know that. I have PLENTY to talk about tho for sure. I have a whole bunch of posts to put up about my trip to LONDON!!! Complete with pictures.  But first of all, these are the things that my friends have said to/about me this week.  Some of them were kind hearted, others maybe not so much.

"We have lots of problems..."
"You're a crazy motha f****"
"You think too much about everything"
"You're dramatic"
"You over think every single detail"
"It's about time you had something positive in your life"
"You do know how to hit it pretty hard"

This is what my friends think of me.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer Bucket List

I'm sure you're all familiar with bucket lists. (don't EVER watch that movie with Morgan Freeman).  I have decided to make a bucket list since this is my last summer in college.  It's the last time I can do stupid stuff and still be able to tell people, "back when I was in college..."
This is my summer bucket list: (in no particular order)

1.  Learn to shoot a handgun
2.  Ice skate
3.  ACTUALLY go see movies
4.  Spend a majority of my free time at the beach with one of the besties
5.  Take a road trip (just a day trip at least) someplace new!
6.  Get another piercing
7.  sing karaoke 
8.  Don't think - just do
9.  Go to Lake Bryan
10.  Go to a concert
11.  go dancing - like country dancing
12.  Successfully make clothespin cookies
13.  keep in contact with everyone who is important to me
14.  Live in a clean apartment - all summer - Ashley, don't laugh too hard at that one
15.  READ
16.  Lay out & tannnnnnn
17.  work out
18.  Go bowling with friends frequently
19.  Pass Texas Government
20.  Float the river with friends!

The ones in italics are the ones I'm really nervous about....

Monday, April 30, 2012


So I'm at the park with my one of the besties, Ashley and what happens? We find ourselves in the midst of a really cheesy rom-com.  Let me set the scene a little:

Setting:  Breezy day, overcast but not gloomy.  Fairly windy. Public Park

Enter: Sorority chick (costume: triple extra large v-neck american apparel depicting a sorority sponsored event and some white shorts) and boyfriend (aggie uniform - maroon t-shirt and jean shorts).

In hand, the two have a kite.  Yes, a kite.  Now I'm just as cynical as the next single girl so let me ask you this, what is so fun about sitting down and holding a string and watching the dang kite just float?!? Well anyway, after about 20 minutes they finally got it up.  and then they just sat there.  Her with her arms around her knees holding the kite and him with his arm around her.  And that's it.  That's all they did.  Now, Ashley says that it is SOOOO ROMANTIC, but I just don't get it.  Maybe I'm emotionally stunted but they literally sat there for like an hour.  DOING NOTHING.  Do you not have finals to prepare for?!  Oh and to make them just that much more adorable, they left in a VW bug. He drove.

Am I crazy? Or was that just a little too cheesy???

Home Stretch

Okey, so here's the breakdown:
1 take home test that is 8 pages to finish by 2:00PM tomorrow
1 Take home test that consists of 3, 2-3 page (double spaced) essays Due tomorrow by 11:59 PM
1 online test that is 40 questions with 25 minutes to take it in available after Wednesday.

What does this mean??? It means that by Wednesday night, I will be DONESKIES with my Junior year of college.  Seriously?! Seriously!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just a Spruce

I thought I'd spruce up the blog a tad! It's been the same for quite awhile!  I decided to go with the paris theme because 1) I am OBSESSSSSSED with ALL THINGS PARIS and 2) I WILL BE IN PARIS IN A MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we please just focus on that for a second?! In one month, the sister will be graduated and we will be hanging out in London and Paris like the little jet setters we aspire to be!!!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


The past few weekends have been a whirlwind of stuff!!! So I've got my last few days of classes and placement left and with that means like a thousand projects..... Oh how I hate projects.  On the plus side, all of my finals are either online or take home tests!! whoop!!! :)  SO that means I won't have to waste valuable time studying!  So the last two weekends I've gone home to San Antonio to spend time with the family as well as see some friends.  Jessica and I have been spending more and more time together when I'm home which is always super fantastic and then there is all the fun partying I get to do there now!!
While the last few weekends have been all about fun, this weekend was jam packed with stuff!  Friday I subbed which wasn't too terrible actually! And then I got ready for Aggie Relay for Life.  This is an event that I truly love! It is an event put on by the American Cancer Society and the whole 12 hour event mirrors the cancer diagnosis and treatment.  When you start the night at 7PM, you are pumped and strong and ready to spend 12 hours awake, just like when you are first diagnosed with cancer, you have strength and are determined to beat it.  As the night goes on, or as treatment goes on, it gets tough to keep going, your legs are sore from walking, you're tired, it's freaking cold and windy and you just can't get warm, your spirit lessens as well as your strength.  Then as you see dawn, you see that you aren't that far away from the finish line.  It's such a beautiful experience and I got to spend it with such an amazing group of people!!! It definitely makes me sad that this could be my last spring semester at A&M :(

Then when I came home in the wee hours Saturday morning, I slept till 1 and then tried to be productive....I got some homework done, and one load of laundry (of like 5 to be done...). Then Ashley came over with some pints of coldstone (could she be any better??) and we watched Friends and had girl time!

Then, a group of boys asked me to come over for some drinks and that if I came over, they'd watch the meteor shower with me!  So around 11 I went over and they're just always so much fun to hang out with! We ended up piling in a truck and going to the middle of nowhere to watch for meteors and guess what!  We actually saw some! And by some, I mean a bunch!!!!!! It was cold, but we were having so much fun trying to figure out if a slasher was going to come out of the woods and who was gonna die first, that we didn't notice how cold it was!

I'm happy with everything right now and can't believe that in 24 days, I'm leaving for LONDON!!!!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012


UGH! I hate tentative plans......If we have plans, we have them, if you don't want to have them, don't make/agree to them.....

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is This Real Life?

There have been very few opportunities in my life where I've literally just had to stop and think to myself, "Is this real life?"  Last weekend was one of those weekends.  My sister, is incredibly awesome and this whole thing just started because she tweeted.  Yes, we both tweet: (Follow me @hannah_lee {that is with ONE underscore})  I'm not going to give tons of details (sorry) because I don't want to get anyone in trouble! We got to go out with a bunch of guys who got us VIP service at a club in San Antonio.  Now what all does this include you might ask.  First of all, a reduced cover charge (that she and I did not pay).  And then we had bottle service with Patron and Grey Goose.  Not too shabby.  Right?  This was quite possibly the best weekend I've had in a LONG LONG while!  Needless to say, I'm smitten!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ring Day

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the traditions of Texas A&M University, Ring Day is kind of a big deal.  And by kind of I mean really.  At most universities, you can get your 'class ring' whenever.  That's cool.  It's just not how we do it here.  At A&M you have to earn your ring; you have to work your hiney off for your ring.  First of all, you have to complete 90 hours of classes with no more than 45 hours at a different college.  So you can't order it until you are classified as a senior.  You also have to be in good academic standing with the university.  Now these things aren't cheap.  So not only do you have to earn it, it's expensive!  Well I've waited two and a half years for this day and let me tell you I was excited!!!!
This whole process started back in January.  You have to go and get sized for your ring and order it.  Then you have to wait 3 grueling months to wake up at 6:00 am the Monday before you get your ring to register for a time to get it.  Which sounds easy, except the website crashed about 60983418702837056 times and took me and the bestie forEVER to get the right times!  But all that aside, I know have that little hunk of Aggie Bling!

The Family on Kyle Field 

One of the besties!! We both got our rings!

Another bestie and her boyfriend and me!
This captures us well...

One of my favorite photos taken all day!

Gig 'Em!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


SO  I sort of have just about the best friends in the WORLD.  I know that sounds a little braggy but, hello, humbleness ranks right up there with patience in the traits I don't possess.  Let's start with why my friends are so wonderful:
1.  My girlfriends (and sometimes even their boyfriends too) are always up for Margarita night!  This is wonderful because when you have a stressful week of teaching, it's nice to have people you can call up and go out with!

2.  My girlfriends always help me know what's due when and what to study! This is especially lovely because sometimes it's just too much to keep organized in my head

3.  My girlfriends are always willing to listen to me bitch and complain about the men in my life, silly professors, silly work nonsense and really just anything!

4.  My girlfriends let me drive.  This one may sound silly. But it's not. I have control issues, I don't need to pay a shrink $100 an hour to tell me that.  I like being in control and that especially means in a car.  So whenever we go places, my friends don't mind if I drive :)

And the last reason that my girlfriends are THE best is.......(drumroll please)
5.  They're always there for me.  In any and every capacity.  Whether I need cheered up or someone to go to dinner with or just someone to watch tv with, they're always there for me!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pet Peeve

Quite possibly one of my biggest school/presentation pet peeves is when people misuse PowerPoint.   I’m a huge nerd when it comes to using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, so when people use it with their head up their butt, it makes it difficult for me to respect you as an educator/presenter.  Case in point:  I’m in class today and the teaching assistant gets up to teach the class.  I will say that, thank God, her speech was understandable, and the only way to describe the rate at which she speaks would be to compare it to a squirrel on crack.  Here is the problem.  First of all, she has her back to the classroom and she is looking at the screen.  Problem one:  YOU SHOULD NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON STUDENTS.  We’re not gonna pay attention and you can bet that if you did this in a public school, all hell would break loose if you taught with your back to them. Also, if you don’t make eye contact with me {and you’re capable of it} you’ve lost even more of my attention and respect.  Problem 2:  She’s reading VERBATIM what is on the slides.  Remember that old adage when PowerPoints were just starting to pop up?  If you don’t, I’ll remind you, “Keep about 5-10 words maximum on each slide.”  I’m willing to let this slide {see what I did there?}  because it makes it easier for me to not pay attention when you put everything on the slide.  BUT DO NOT sit there and ONLY read the slides to me.  Last time I checked, literacy, was imperative to getting into college.  Do not insult my intelligence while you’re teaching me. 
Rant over.

Monday, February 20, 2012

High School

Now, I was definitely not one of those high school girls.  I hated just about every second of it.  From the school dances in the gym, to group projects with pot heads and slackers, to analyzing Shakespeare, I have very few fond memories.  And by very few, I'm sure I could count them on two hands.... maybe even just the one.  Every time I come back home (especially when I come home by myself) I still feel kind of like I'm right back in high school.  Although, now when I come home, I can drink, so that already makes life better now than in high school.  But when I come home, I miss the simplicity of high school:  I very rarely had homework, and when I did it was easy,  I never had to read text books,  I could lie my way out of anything at school,  and I had a small group of friends that I saw all the time.  Now, I barely have time to see friends between work and school, and school work.  I also knew exactly what I wanted to do without any hesitation.  Now, I've discovered that teaching may not be my thing but that I want to do something that requires more schooling, and more money.  Great right?  Yeah, not so much.  High School may have sucked for a lot of reasons, but everything was a hell of a lot easier back then.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's day

I. Hate. Valentine's. [NOT Valentime's] Day.  It's one day out of the year where your guy is supposed to bust his butt to find a gift and pay way to much for flowers for you.  I would much rather, {that is if I had a man}, have my fella take me out to a fancy dinner or have flowers delivered to me at work on some random day than have him conform to these cliches on Valentine's Day.  It's all just so insincere to me.  Given that, I've decided that if I'm going to be miserable on this terrible 'holiday,' I might as well have a bunch of kick-ass baked goods to dig into.  The plans as of now are to have a rum cake (it's in the oven right now) and a bunch of conversation heart themed sugar cookies using these as my example.  May your Valentine's Day suck less than mine.  [that's about as positive as I can be]

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Personal Growth

So ya know how you always hear how great the classics (books) are and how you just have to read them???  Well most people do this as a part of their high school education.  Some people, just buy Sparknotes and ask one of the 4 people in the class major points before a test over those readings.  This is how I passed high school english.  That and waiting until the last minute to work on major projects that my mom would help me with.  (she understood Shakespeare, obviously that gene skipped me)  Why am I talking about this now?  Well I've decided to work on myself as a person and reading more was one of those things I wanted to improve upon.  So I decided to tackle the beast:  Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.  Now, when I was supposed to read this, I frequently said, "Now I know why they say things hurt 'like the dickens! It's because reading anything by Charles Dickens is physically painful."  I may have been a tad dramatic.  But only maybe.
So why does this matter?  Well here is the objective: (written in ABCD format....education majors get this):  Given the book Great Expectations, Hannah will read at minimum 5 chapters per week with 100% comprehension measured by a retell of the story to Twyla once weekly. [yes that is how detailed the objectives on every single lesson plan I write is supposed to be].
This is currently day 3, I've read the first chapter and am planning on getting at least another chapter read today!  Personal growth had better be completely worth this.  It is Dicken's for goodness sakes!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We're not talking about soccer here folks, we're talking about career and life goal: the scary ones. When I was 15, I had a ten year plan. It went something a little like this: I knew that by 25, I would be happily married, teaching elementary school, with a baby (or at the very least one on the way). I'm now 21. A mere 4 years away from that plan and I gotta say, that ain't gonna happen. A lot has changed for me since I was 15. Since I've been in college, I've come up with a different "plan" if you will. My new plan is, first, to graduate and get certified to teach. As of now, and God willing I pass all my tests, I will be certified to teach all grades in special education as well as general Ed in an elementary school, and English as a second language. And depending on how much I like my current field placement, I may seek some middle school certifications (God help me). Hopefully, after I graduate, I'll get a job that will help me pay for a masters in administration. And THENNNNNN maybe, just maybe I'll continue my education with some sort of degree in education law so that I can be an advocate. (this is all in an ideal world where time and money have no meaning obviously). And every good plan has a plan B. (Mom, if you're reading this, you may just want to stop there because I already know you don't like the back up plan) Plan B. If that all doesn't work out for me, I'm planning on moving out to Las Vegas and becoming a cocktail waitress. After being in Vegas for about a month or so, I'll meet Holly Madison and we'll become best friends and I'll make frequent appearances on her tv show where I'll become so liked that I will get my own spin off show and then I'll live happily ever after!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


A simple word: substitute.
Say it in a recipe and it's not scary.
Say it at a restaurant when you order and it's not scary.
Say it before "teacher" and I just might crawl into the closet in the fetal position.
Why is that you might ask?? I had my first day of substituting yesterday. I was supposed to sub as a resource aide in a special education classroom; something supervised and without a ton of responsibility to get my feet wet. Sounds reasonable correct? Correct.
 Let me set the scene for you:
Early morning. Stormy conditions. Our naive protagonist heads outside in monsoon like conditions. (monsoon like conditions= thunder, lightening, torrential downpour,sideways rain). I go outside, pink cupcake lunchbox in hand as well as my new Vera Bradley attaché! Even though the weather was discouraging I wanted to remain positive. I drove the middle school that I was subbing at and arrived early. So I sat in my car and waited and waited and waited for the rain to let up. It did not. I rushed into the building and arrive at the main office soaked through (yes I had an umbrella. Yes I had a rain coat. No these things don't help when it's raining SIDEWAYS). This is the start of my no good very bad horrible day to maintain confidentiality and cover my butt professionally, I'm going to generalize and only give you the major problems of my day:
I was in electives all day.  How do children typically behave during electives with a sub?  If you said like little demons then you would be correct!  I had two kids try and get in a fight, one kid gave the middle finger to the entire class, more curse words than I've ever heard in one day, oh, and an administrator had to remove two students from my classroom.  Since when did children become so fowl mouthed?  I don't think I learned what the middle finger was until 8th grade.  And I wasn't that sheltered.  Also, since when do kids have no respect?  Half my first period class didn't stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and then only about 4 kids stayed silent during the moment of silence.  I've never been so completely appalled with how children behave.
So what does this all mean?
I'm quitting school, buying a one way ticket to Vegas, and becoming a cocktail waitress for the rest of my life.  Or until Holly Madison and I are such great friends that I get my own reality tv show.

Monday, January 16, 2012

First Day of School

So tomorrow is the first day of school.  When I was a kid, I would have not only picked out an incredibly fantastic new outfit to wear for the first day by this time, I would have a completely packed backpack chock full of Lisa Frank folders and erasers!  Fast forward to today.  I have to be in class in 11 hours.  11 hours from RIGHT NOW, I have to start learning again.  WHAT THE HECK!?! When did this happen?!?  Now my anxiousness for school to start is two-fold.
I am soooo excited to finally have a routine and be busy again.  I function soooo much better when I have a routine and a set schedule.  I do really great when every second of each day is planned out.  I like structure. I'm weird. I get it.
I don't want to start classes again.  I want to continue working on decorating projects for my room and I don't want to have to do work.  I'm not generally a lazy person. (generally) But I just can't get motivated for this semester.  I feel like last semester's field work was my calling.  I feel completely drawn to teach in an inclusion setting.  This is what I want  was meant to teach.  So I feel like if I already know what I am meant to teach, why do I need to keep trying different things???  What also scares me is that I loved my last placement so much.... what if I feel the same way about these next placements too?  What if I feel meant to teach whatever my next two placements are this semester???? What the hell am I gonna do then?! I like having a niche and I like knowing what I want to do.  Not knowing if I'm going to like my next placements scares the crap outta me.  So does my new job.  Because I thought gee, I just don't have quite enough on my plate this semester, let's add another job......  I'm substitute teaching in a local school district which is great because the pay will be great and so will the experience.  But let's be honest here, okay? okay.  I'm terrified out of my mind.  I'm hoping these kids don't treat subs the way kids 'back in the day' treated subs or worse!!!!!!!

So to anyone else who is starting the semester back up again, GOOD LUCK.  Show up on time.  Don't fall asleep during class. And pray your prof just goes over the syllabus and then let's you go!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"We. Were. On. A. Break."

Friends.  Quite possibly the best tv show ever to appear on television.  It's easily the most iconic tv show ever!  Whenever Emma and I need something to watch and the Real Housewives aren't cutting it, we watch Friends.  The two of us own all 10 seasons and we can pretty much recite each episode whenever we watch them.  Friends is something that we turn to when we are having a bad day, week, or a good day or good week.  This hasn't been the best week of my life, but it could have been worse.  I suppose.  Friends has been a wonderful way for me to stay distracted and busy.  Crafting also helps in these situations.  Stay updated for my bedroom makeover, aka way to distract yourself from crappiness #3.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How could I NOT blog that?!?

So I went to VEGAS a few weeks ago.  How could I not blog about that right away might you ask?  well let me tell you a little bit about my schedule for around that time!
December 9th:  Take last final and babysit
December 10th: Drive home to San Antonio and go to a Hockey Game
December 11th:  Arrive at the airport 6:00 am to fly to VEGAS!!
December 12th:  VEGAS
December 13th:  VEGAS and arrive at airport around 5:00 pm
December 14th:  Drive to College Station at 9:00 am
December 15th:  Drive home to San Antonio around 5:00 pm
December 16th&17th:  Spend some time with my Aunt and Uncle who were visiting
December 18th: B.R.E.A.T.H.E.
So as you can see I was pretty busy!!!  So anyways,  Let's talk about VEGAS shall we?
So we arrived early and upon arrival to Ballys hotel, the check in lady asked my FATHER and I, "We have your room with two beds, is that ok?"  ummm yes, I'm his daughter not his trophy wife....  This was a recurring thing the whole three days.  But whatever!  We got to do a lot of really neat things while we were in VEGAS!  And I came out ahead!!!! I'm going to let the rest of this post be some eye candy!
The first place that I gambled!

Jimmy Choo: need a girl say more?!

My Dad and I at the top of the Eiffel Tower

Vegas at Nighttime 

The hotel we stayed at! 

Best. Restaurant. Ever.  No, Seriously

Fancy Smancy Birthday Dinner 

Friday, January 6, 2012


Ok, so I understand that I haven't blogged in a very long time.  I'm sorry.  But there happens to be a new fella in my life so that's been occupying quite some time.  It's all still new and wonderful and since I don't want to jinx it that's all I'm going to write about it.....for now....
In other news, I'm finally back in College Station and I'm finally able to start Substitute teaching this semester!! WHOOP makin' that money so that I can go to LONDON!! Because, oh yeah, did I mention on here that I'm going to LONDON in May?!? Because I totally am and I'm sooo excited I can't even believe I am going!! Ok, that's all she wrote today.  :)