Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We're not talking about soccer here folks, we're talking about career and life goal: the scary ones. When I was 15, I had a ten year plan. It went something a little like this: I knew that by 25, I would be happily married, teaching elementary school, with a baby (or at the very least one on the way). I'm now 21. A mere 4 years away from that plan and I gotta say, that ain't gonna happen. A lot has changed for me since I was 15. Since I've been in college, I've come up with a different "plan" if you will. My new plan is, first, to graduate and get certified to teach. As of now, and God willing I pass all my tests, I will be certified to teach all grades in special education as well as general Ed in an elementary school, and English as a second language. And depending on how much I like my current field placement, I may seek some middle school certifications (God help me). Hopefully, after I graduate, I'll get a job that will help me pay for a masters in administration. And THENNNNNN maybe, just maybe I'll continue my education with some sort of degree in education law so that I can be an advocate. (this is all in an ideal world where time and money have no meaning obviously). And every good plan has a plan B. (Mom, if you're reading this, you may just want to stop there because I already know you don't like the back up plan) Plan B. If that all doesn't work out for me, I'm planning on moving out to Las Vegas and becoming a cocktail waitress. After being in Vegas for about a month or so, I'll meet Holly Madison and we'll become best friends and I'll make frequent appearances on her tv show where I'll become so liked that I will get my own spin off show and then I'll live happily ever after!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


A simple word: substitute.
Say it in a recipe and it's not scary.
Say it at a restaurant when you order and it's not scary.
Say it before "teacher" and I just might crawl into the closet in the fetal position.
Why is that you might ask?? I had my first day of substituting yesterday. I was supposed to sub as a resource aide in a special education classroom; something supervised and without a ton of responsibility to get my feet wet. Sounds reasonable correct? Correct.
 Let me set the scene for you:
Early morning. Stormy conditions. Our naive protagonist heads outside in monsoon like conditions. (monsoon like conditions= thunder, lightening, torrential downpour,sideways rain). I go outside, pink cupcake lunchbox in hand as well as my new Vera Bradley attaché! Even though the weather was discouraging I wanted to remain positive. I drove the middle school that I was subbing at and arrived early. So I sat in my car and waited and waited and waited for the rain to let up. It did not. I rushed into the building and arrive at the main office soaked through (yes I had an umbrella. Yes I had a rain coat. No these things don't help when it's raining SIDEWAYS). This is the start of my no good very bad horrible day to maintain confidentiality and cover my butt professionally, I'm going to generalize and only give you the major problems of my day:
I was in electives all day.  How do children typically behave during electives with a sub?  If you said like little demons then you would be correct!  I had two kids try and get in a fight, one kid gave the middle finger to the entire class, more curse words than I've ever heard in one day, oh, and an administrator had to remove two students from my classroom.  Since when did children become so fowl mouthed?  I don't think I learned what the middle finger was until 8th grade.  And I wasn't that sheltered.  Also, since when do kids have no respect?  Half my first period class didn't stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and then only about 4 kids stayed silent during the moment of silence.  I've never been so completely appalled with how children behave.
So what does this all mean?
I'm quitting school, buying a one way ticket to Vegas, and becoming a cocktail waitress for the rest of my life.  Or until Holly Madison and I are such great friends that I get my own reality tv show.

Monday, January 16, 2012

First Day of School

So tomorrow is the first day of school.  When I was a kid, I would have not only picked out an incredibly fantastic new outfit to wear for the first day by this time, I would have a completely packed backpack chock full of Lisa Frank folders and erasers!  Fast forward to today.  I have to be in class in 11 hours.  11 hours from RIGHT NOW, I have to start learning again.  WHAT THE HECK!?! When did this happen?!?  Now my anxiousness for school to start is two-fold.
I am soooo excited to finally have a routine and be busy again.  I function soooo much better when I have a routine and a set schedule.  I do really great when every second of each day is planned out.  I like structure. I'm weird. I get it.
I don't want to start classes again.  I want to continue working on decorating projects for my room and I don't want to have to do work.  I'm not generally a lazy person. (generally) But I just can't get motivated for this semester.  I feel like last semester's field work was my calling.  I feel completely drawn to teach in an inclusion setting.  This is what I want  was meant to teach.  So I feel like if I already know what I am meant to teach, why do I need to keep trying different things???  What also scares me is that I loved my last placement so much.... what if I feel the same way about these next placements too?  What if I feel meant to teach whatever my next two placements are this semester???? What the hell am I gonna do then?! I like having a niche and I like knowing what I want to do.  Not knowing if I'm going to like my next placements scares the crap outta me.  So does my new job.  Because I thought gee, I just don't have quite enough on my plate this semester, let's add another job......  I'm substitute teaching in a local school district which is great because the pay will be great and so will the experience.  But let's be honest here, okay? okay.  I'm terrified out of my mind.  I'm hoping these kids don't treat subs the way kids 'back in the day' treated subs or worse!!!!!!!

So to anyone else who is starting the semester back up again, GOOD LUCK.  Show up on time.  Don't fall asleep during class. And pray your prof just goes over the syllabus and then let's you go!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"We. Were. On. A. Break."

Friends.  Quite possibly the best tv show ever to appear on television.  It's easily the most iconic tv show ever!  Whenever Emma and I need something to watch and the Real Housewives aren't cutting it, we watch Friends.  The two of us own all 10 seasons and we can pretty much recite each episode whenever we watch them.  Friends is something that we turn to when we are having a bad day, week, or a good day or good week.  This hasn't been the best week of my life, but it could have been worse.  I suppose.  Friends has been a wonderful way for me to stay distracted and busy.  Crafting also helps in these situations.  Stay updated for my bedroom makeover, aka way to distract yourself from crappiness #3.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How could I NOT blog that?!?

So I went to VEGAS a few weeks ago.  How could I not blog about that right away might you ask?  well let me tell you a little bit about my schedule for around that time!
December 9th:  Take last final and babysit
December 10th: Drive home to San Antonio and go to a Hockey Game
December 11th:  Arrive at the airport 6:00 am to fly to VEGAS!!
December 12th:  VEGAS
December 13th:  VEGAS and arrive at airport around 5:00 pm
December 14th:  Drive to College Station at 9:00 am
December 15th:  Drive home to San Antonio around 5:00 pm
December 16th&17th:  Spend some time with my Aunt and Uncle who were visiting
December 18th: B.R.E.A.T.H.E.
So as you can see I was pretty busy!!!  So anyways,  Let's talk about VEGAS shall we?
So we arrived early and upon arrival to Ballys hotel, the check in lady asked my FATHER and I, "We have your room with two beds, is that ok?"  ummm yes, I'm his daughter not his trophy wife....  This was a recurring thing the whole three days.  But whatever!  We got to do a lot of really neat things while we were in VEGAS!  And I came out ahead!!!! I'm going to let the rest of this post be some eye candy!
The first place that I gambled!

Jimmy Choo: need a girl say more?!

My Dad and I at the top of the Eiffel Tower

Vegas at Nighttime 

The hotel we stayed at! 

Best. Restaurant. Ever.  No, Seriously

Fancy Smancy Birthday Dinner 

Friday, January 6, 2012


Ok, so I understand that I haven't blogged in a very long time.  I'm sorry.  But there happens to be a new fella in my life so that's been occupying quite some time.  It's all still new and wonderful and since I don't want to jinx it that's all I'm going to write about it.....for now....
In other news, I'm finally back in College Station and I'm finally able to start Substitute teaching this semester!! WHOOP makin' that money so that I can go to LONDON!! Because, oh yeah, did I mention on here that I'm going to LONDON in May?!? Because I totally am and I'm sooo excited I can't even believe I am going!! Ok, that's all she wrote today.  :)