Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Who the Heck is Eating My Dippin' Dots?!?!?!

While yesterday was fairly uneventful, last night was AWESOME!  I went to the Spurs game with my Dad and sister last night.  Our seats were 19 ROWS FROM THE COURT!!!  As if that weren't exciting enough, EVA LONGORIA-PARKER was sitting like 7 rows in front of us in the next section!!!!!!!!!  I must say it was quite an exciting evening!!!

Today seemed to go on forever!!  I went to a quilt exhibit in Austin filled with beautiful antique quilts! It was really fun and I got to spend a day with Mom's friend and her daughter which is ALWAYS fun!!!!  We went to three quilt stores and the FANTASTIC toy store called Toy Joy.  So much stuff!!!!! I easily could have spent hours and hours in there!!!!  It was such a long day I was thrilled to come home and chill out and watch Glee :)  One of my favorite shows!!!  It was while watching Glee I remembered that I needed to transfer money into my account so I checked my balance and lo and behold, some jerk stole my credit card number and started using it.  

Some families would call the bank company and not do anything other than that.  My family?  They launch their own small scale investigation.  Involving a call to the idiot mall security cop in freaking Lake Jackson Texas.  A call tomorrow morning to the mall office where the card was used.  I'm pretty sure my dad is working on a stake out at this darn mall.  He called the cops and was like, "I thought you might like to know someone is using a stolen credit card"  I honestly have NO idea what he thought some punk mall security guy was gonna be able to do about it.  He does realize the caliber of those types isn't that high.  Right?

Ok, now, how much did they rack up in charges might you ask.  Well, as of now, it was $5.25.  Now, its not that much and its not the amount they stole from me I'm mad about.  The charge is from Dippin' Dots.  That is like my FAVORITE dessert possible.  If I have to ask for a last meal, you better believe it that Dippin' Dots will be on the menu.  Its something that I treat myself to on the rarest of occasions.  The thing that makes me most upset is that I've been charged for Dippin' Dots that ARE NOT in my tummy!  It makes me feel like the culprit  has personally attacked me.  So if the culprit reads this, IT'S WAR!! IT IS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!
Happy: Awesome day in Austin
Crappy: credit card fraud :(

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Day In Paradise!

Today started out innocently enough with waking up late to an empty house, then I got ready to exchange presents with Troy (one of my best friends). I drove around for a little bit before meeting up with him to do the actual exchanging. I got a chance to belt out the soundtrack to Wicked and clear my head a little. Troy got me a perfect gift! I was enthralled with my very own Vera Bradley apron!!!!! Its my favorite print and I can't believe he paid attention to which print I own the most of!! (I now have an apron to go along with a tote bag, clutch, and i.d. case!!! How lucky am I???) It was positively a wonderful gift!!

The day was then made even better by an NCIS marathon!!! I love this show! It runs all the time throughout the week and I've probably caught every episode of it, out of order, at least twice! My family nestled in for a long day of Gibbs, Abby, Dinoso, and McGee!

As if I thought the day couldn't get any better, I went to dinner with one of my other best friends, Jessica! We caught an early supper at our favorite chinese restaurant and proceeded to talk about EVERYTHING for about 3 hours at the restaurant! It is so fantastic being back in the same city as her! One thing that sucks about college is not being as close to all of your friends from high school! I mean I went from seeing this girl every day to occasionally throughout the week to once ever COUPLE months! Its rough but I can't believe how strong our friendship has become through it!!! After dinner we retreated to her lovely house and talked for a really long time! I feel like it has been simply forever since I've gotten to have hours of just girl-talk. Simply Heavenly!!!!

Happy: Spending the day with my best friends
Crappy: having to deal with unsavory people via text messaging!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Fa La La La La, La La. La. La.

Christmas is ABSOLUTELY my favorite time of year! Normally, there is Christmas carols, old family traditions, Christmas cookies! Gingerbread in the air and other heavenly aromas surrounding you throughout the entire Holiday Season!!! However, for my family this year, we had minimal Christmas trappings and minimal holiday tunes, most of the Family Traditions went out the window as they did with Thanksgiving this year (no traditional 7 days before Christmas present :) I lobbied real hard to keep this one!) no Christmas cookies, and the only aromas following us around in our house were from candles. (at least the good ones came from candles, the bad ones came from the dogs!)

When I woke up this Christmas morning, or rather, was woken up by my dad at quarter past eight, I flew down the stairs and saw the mountain of presents awaiting me!!! (my stack was nearly 3 times as big as my sister, Emma's, stack!....not to boast or anything!) I didn't really ask for anything big this year and was thoroughly excited to open presents!! I opened present after present after present!! What I ended up with is an assortment of baking items including, Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child and other authors, some DVDs, Wii games, Sewing items, and a plethora of other truly wonderful gifts!

This year was a fun year for Christmas since we no longer live together and Emma and I are out on our own! It was truly euphoric having all of us home and together and surprisingly, no arguments what-so-ever today. Only one thing could possibly describe this anomaly, a Christmas Miracle!!!!!

This was truly the best Christmas I could have asked for. It renewed my faith in families and even though I don't have a huge convoluted family tree, I have what matters, people in my life that love me for me and wouldn't dare change me! Because in reality, family isn't just blood relations, its the people in your life that care enough to tell you, "hey, that Christmas sweater you're wearing? NOT cute, its tacky go change before the movie!"

Happy: Christmas morning.....DUH
Crappy: I know this defeats the point of Happy:Crappy but I didn't have one and in light of Christmas, I'm not going to feel bad about breaking the rules!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Home again, Home again...

As the semester has come to a close, classes are finally over and I can finally breathe! (or at least I'll be able to once my math teacher posts my final grade! UGH!!!) As we all know, PATIENCE is a virtue, it just doesn't happen to be one I possess.
The semester at a glance:
Week one: broken nose
Week two: surgery on said broken nose
Week three: Organization interviews with nose cast and explaining to EVERYONE what happened. Stories used included: Someone took my parking spot at HEB so I got out of the car and picked a fight, Bike accident, My roommate punched me in the nose, I got a nose job for a graduation present, and I ran into a door.
Week four: I got a wee bit of a cold that knocked me on my butt
Week five: I exploded a casserole dish in my oven which resulted in a botched dinner, and cleaning out the shards of glass by hand from the oven
Week six: I contracted the dreaded swine flu oh I'm sorry, H1N1 influenza
I had a relatively dry spell until the last week of classes:
Let me set the scene: It was rainy, dreary, and foggy. I was running a tad late for class and was riding my bike. I got to the building and this dumb pedestrian runs in front of me and then just kinda stops. So i try to swerve and avoid her. I do somewhat successfully but then my bike slipped out from under me and I hit the ground. hard. So hard that 18 days later, my knee is still swollen, hurts something awful and is partially numb! Hooray for pedestrians...

On a happier note, Christmas time is FAST approaching and I have all the easy gifts taken care of, family and whatnot there are just two more people I have to shop for..........but I have ideas so I should be able to come up with something fantastic!
So far, since being home (a little over 24 hours) I have seen my best friends, visited old teachers and spent time with mom. Visiting all my old teachers from last year was really fun! I got to see all my favorites and was incredibly shocked that just about all of them commented on how thin I've gotten. I guess I didn't realize how much I had lost until 7 people pointed out how tiny (comparatively) I am!!! So that was enthralling! Nothing makes my day more when other people notice the sorta work i've put into loosing the weight.
I know this post was kinda disjointed but hey whatevs ;)

HAPPY:CRAPPY for the day
Happy: Got to see all my old teachers :)
Crappy: my tongue is still burnt from my wonton soup last night :(

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Finals are finally done :)
I was waiting for the feeling of a huge weight being lifted from me when I finished my last final. And I still haven't felt it yet. I am however feeling nervous about my grades which I'll know for sure on Monday.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

La Cucaracha

Last night, before going to bed, I went to get my iHome from the bathroom. Whilst transporting said iHome from my bathroom to my bedroom, I felt something on my arm. Having come from the bathroom, I figured it was like a hair in a weird spot and then; then it moved. So I look down and what is on my arm? A FREAKING COCKROACH. And not a small one. This fella was HUGE! As the title of my blog implies, I'm not exactly masculine. And in such, don't handle insects of any sorts well to say the least. Well I FREAK out because a nasty looking creature is scurrying ALL OVER MY ARM. So the monster eventually falls off of my flailing arm and drops to the floor into a pile of my clothes. I run to my hallway and try desperately to keep my composure and not scream my head off. (For fear of a worser fate if I wake my sister from her slumber since she has an 8 am final). I manage to do my freaking out without screaming and try to locate the damn thing. Which was a lost cause. So I decide "I'm sleeping in the living room. It can live in my room." Then I decide, "I can't let a rodent dictate my life." so I shake out ALL of my blankets and form a cocoon if you will. I then tuck my pj pants into my socks. I snuggle into my cocoon for a lovely evening of thoughts of Kafka's The Metamorphosis, Wall-e, and a giant cockroach crawling all over my body. Needless to say, I did not sleep more than 5 minutes last night. Which is why when I opened my eyes at 6:30 in the morning and saw my sister, half naked staring at me (well it seemed like she was staring at me) with a demonic look in her eyes, I kinda freaked out. Again. Then she says "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you and I don't wanna freak you out, but there is a cockroach in your room." To which I replied, "Oh ya, I know, it was on my arm last night." She gave me a horrified look as I explained it happened before I went to sleep and it didn't crawl on me while I was in bed. She then located the cockroach, found a BASEBALL BAT and then proceeded to squash the darn thing till there was nothing left. This folks, is the reason I live with her. I may be the domestically inclined one and cook and clean, but she is the one that will kill the big spiders, moths, and cockroaches. And when Daddy isn't here to do it, you better pick a roommate that can!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Finals are finally here....

Finals are now upon us here in the great city of College Station. And with it comes the wonderful all nighters, study food and procrastination techniques. The following lists were compiled of the best possible ways to spend your all-nighters, the best study food and the best procrastination techniques

1) write flash cards
2) get freaked out by an idleing truck thats been outside your house for an hour and call friends
3) watch movies with said friends
4) pick up your sister from the bar district
5) text EVERYONE you know
6) watch every series of Friends you own
7) go out with your friends
8) wash the dishes
9) mop the kitchen
10) Eat copious amounts of lucky charms and other great study foods

1) Lucky Charms
2) Oreos (with milk OF COURSE)
3) White Cheddar Cheeze-its
4) Cheetos
5) those awesomely soft sugar cookies with an inch of heavenly frosting on top
6) Cinnamon toast crunch cereal
7) Chex mix
8) soda
9) chocolate chip cookies
10) pop corn

1) Updating your blog
2) informing everyone of your every move via facebook and twitter
3) Have a bunch of friends over
4) Catch up with relatives
5) plan out every second of tomorrow for studying
6) count down the exact hour, minutes and seconds till your next final
7) calculate the exact grade you need on your final to squeak by and pass
8) Bitch about finals and studying
9) go shopping for study snacks (see list above)
10) on-line shopping

Yes this is what I did to take a break from writing flash cards for my history final tomorrow. Good idea? I think so:)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Away we go!

This is it folks! The beginning of my blog! I've never been one for writing things down but this is definitely something I'm gonna give a try! Since everyone else has their own slice of Heaven on the internet, why can't I? :)