Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Day In Paradise!

Today started out innocently enough with waking up late to an empty house, then I got ready to exchange presents with Troy (one of my best friends). I drove around for a little bit before meeting up with him to do the actual exchanging. I got a chance to belt out the soundtrack to Wicked and clear my head a little. Troy got me a perfect gift! I was enthralled with my very own Vera Bradley apron!!!!! Its my favorite print and I can't believe he paid attention to which print I own the most of!! (I now have an apron to go along with a tote bag, clutch, and i.d. case!!! How lucky am I???) It was positively a wonderful gift!!

The day was then made even better by an NCIS marathon!!! I love this show! It runs all the time throughout the week and I've probably caught every episode of it, out of order, at least twice! My family nestled in for a long day of Gibbs, Abby, Dinoso, and McGee!

As if I thought the day couldn't get any better, I went to dinner with one of my other best friends, Jessica! We caught an early supper at our favorite chinese restaurant and proceeded to talk about EVERYTHING for about 3 hours at the restaurant! It is so fantastic being back in the same city as her! One thing that sucks about college is not being as close to all of your friends from high school! I mean I went from seeing this girl every day to occasionally throughout the week to once ever COUPLE months! Its rough but I can't believe how strong our friendship has become through it!!! After dinner we retreated to her lovely house and talked for a really long time! I feel like it has been simply forever since I've gotten to have hours of just girl-talk. Simply Heavenly!!!!

Happy: Spending the day with my best friends
Crappy: having to deal with unsavory people via text messaging!


  1. EVERYTHING=Understatement



    I love you entirely too much, dear. More than you know.

    Oh, and that damn apron was awesome. Props to Troy.

  2. wat can i say i am a man of many talents :]