Monday, December 14, 2009

Finals are finally here....

Finals are now upon us here in the great city of College Station. And with it comes the wonderful all nighters, study food and procrastination techniques. The following lists were compiled of the best possible ways to spend your all-nighters, the best study food and the best procrastination techniques

1) write flash cards
2) get freaked out by an idleing truck thats been outside your house for an hour and call friends
3) watch movies with said friends
4) pick up your sister from the bar district
5) text EVERYONE you know
6) watch every series of Friends you own
7) go out with your friends
8) wash the dishes
9) mop the kitchen
10) Eat copious amounts of lucky charms and other great study foods

1) Lucky Charms
2) Oreos (with milk OF COURSE)
3) White Cheddar Cheeze-its
4) Cheetos
5) those awesomely soft sugar cookies with an inch of heavenly frosting on top
6) Cinnamon toast crunch cereal
7) Chex mix
8) soda
9) chocolate chip cookies
10) pop corn

1) Updating your blog
2) informing everyone of your every move via facebook and twitter
3) Have a bunch of friends over
4) Catch up with relatives
5) plan out every second of tomorrow for studying
6) count down the exact hour, minutes and seconds till your next final
7) calculate the exact grade you need on your final to squeak by and pass
8) Bitch about finals and studying
9) go shopping for study snacks (see list above)
10) on-line shopping

Yes this is what I did to take a break from writing flash cards for my history final tomorrow. Good idea? I think so:)

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