Friday, December 25, 2009

Fa La La La La, La La. La. La.

Christmas is ABSOLUTELY my favorite time of year! Normally, there is Christmas carols, old family traditions, Christmas cookies! Gingerbread in the air and other heavenly aromas surrounding you throughout the entire Holiday Season!!! However, for my family this year, we had minimal Christmas trappings and minimal holiday tunes, most of the Family Traditions went out the window as they did with Thanksgiving this year (no traditional 7 days before Christmas present :) I lobbied real hard to keep this one!) no Christmas cookies, and the only aromas following us around in our house were from candles. (at least the good ones came from candles, the bad ones came from the dogs!)

When I woke up this Christmas morning, or rather, was woken up by my dad at quarter past eight, I flew down the stairs and saw the mountain of presents awaiting me!!! (my stack was nearly 3 times as big as my sister, Emma's, stack!....not to boast or anything!) I didn't really ask for anything big this year and was thoroughly excited to open presents!! I opened present after present after present!! What I ended up with is an assortment of baking items including, Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child and other authors, some DVDs, Wii games, Sewing items, and a plethora of other truly wonderful gifts!

This year was a fun year for Christmas since we no longer live together and Emma and I are out on our own! It was truly euphoric having all of us home and together and surprisingly, no arguments what-so-ever today. Only one thing could possibly describe this anomaly, a Christmas Miracle!!!!!

This was truly the best Christmas I could have asked for. It renewed my faith in families and even though I don't have a huge convoluted family tree, I have what matters, people in my life that love me for me and wouldn't dare change me! Because in reality, family isn't just blood relations, its the people in your life that care enough to tell you, "hey, that Christmas sweater you're wearing? NOT cute, its tacky go change before the movie!"

Happy: Christmas morning.....DUH
Crappy: I know this defeats the point of Happy:Crappy but I didn't have one and in light of Christmas, I'm not going to feel bad about breaking the rules!

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  1. Am I allowed to give out 'plus ones' for some of those lovely elevated vocabulary bombs you sprinkled throughout? Hehe...

    And dear, it's truly the gift of this splendid season that can cast a warm glow across all those yucky things, magically erasing all the past year's ills and instantly filling the world with the happiness that you deserve more than anything else. Not a trace of Crappy.