Friday, December 18, 2009

Home again, Home again...

As the semester has come to a close, classes are finally over and I can finally breathe! (or at least I'll be able to once my math teacher posts my final grade! UGH!!!) As we all know, PATIENCE is a virtue, it just doesn't happen to be one I possess.
The semester at a glance:
Week one: broken nose
Week two: surgery on said broken nose
Week three: Organization interviews with nose cast and explaining to EVERYONE what happened. Stories used included: Someone took my parking spot at HEB so I got out of the car and picked a fight, Bike accident, My roommate punched me in the nose, I got a nose job for a graduation present, and I ran into a door.
Week four: I got a wee bit of a cold that knocked me on my butt
Week five: I exploded a casserole dish in my oven which resulted in a botched dinner, and cleaning out the shards of glass by hand from the oven
Week six: I contracted the dreaded swine flu oh I'm sorry, H1N1 influenza
I had a relatively dry spell until the last week of classes:
Let me set the scene: It was rainy, dreary, and foggy. I was running a tad late for class and was riding my bike. I got to the building and this dumb pedestrian runs in front of me and then just kinda stops. So i try to swerve and avoid her. I do somewhat successfully but then my bike slipped out from under me and I hit the ground. hard. So hard that 18 days later, my knee is still swollen, hurts something awful and is partially numb! Hooray for pedestrians...

On a happier note, Christmas time is FAST approaching and I have all the easy gifts taken care of, family and whatnot there are just two more people I have to shop for..........but I have ideas so I should be able to come up with something fantastic!
So far, since being home (a little over 24 hours) I have seen my best friends, visited old teachers and spent time with mom. Visiting all my old teachers from last year was really fun! I got to see all my favorites and was incredibly shocked that just about all of them commented on how thin I've gotten. I guess I didn't realize how much I had lost until 7 people pointed out how tiny (comparatively) I am!!! So that was enthralling! Nothing makes my day more when other people notice the sorta work i've put into loosing the weight.
I know this post was kinda disjointed but hey whatevs ;)

HAPPY:CRAPPY for the day
Happy: Got to see all my old teachers :)
Crappy: my tongue is still burnt from my wonton soup last night :(

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