Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Who the Heck is Eating My Dippin' Dots?!?!?!

While yesterday was fairly uneventful, last night was AWESOME!  I went to the Spurs game with my Dad and sister last night.  Our seats were 19 ROWS FROM THE COURT!!!  As if that weren't exciting enough, EVA LONGORIA-PARKER was sitting like 7 rows in front of us in the next section!!!!!!!!!  I must say it was quite an exciting evening!!!

Today seemed to go on forever!!  I went to a quilt exhibit in Austin filled with beautiful antique quilts! It was really fun and I got to spend a day with Mom's friend and her daughter which is ALWAYS fun!!!!  We went to three quilt stores and the FANTASTIC toy store called Toy Joy.  So much stuff!!!!! I easily could have spent hours and hours in there!!!!  It was such a long day I was thrilled to come home and chill out and watch Glee :)  One of my favorite shows!!!  It was while watching Glee I remembered that I needed to transfer money into my account so I checked my balance and lo and behold, some jerk stole my credit card number and started using it.  

Some families would call the bank company and not do anything other than that.  My family?  They launch their own small scale investigation.  Involving a call to the idiot mall security cop in freaking Lake Jackson Texas.  A call tomorrow morning to the mall office where the card was used.  I'm pretty sure my dad is working on a stake out at this darn mall.  He called the cops and was like, "I thought you might like to know someone is using a stolen credit card"  I honestly have NO idea what he thought some punk mall security guy was gonna be able to do about it.  He does realize the caliber of those types isn't that high.  Right?

Ok, now, how much did they rack up in charges might you ask.  Well, as of now, it was $5.25.  Now, its not that much and its not the amount they stole from me I'm mad about.  The charge is from Dippin' Dots.  That is like my FAVORITE dessert possible.  If I have to ask for a last meal, you better believe it that Dippin' Dots will be on the menu.  Its something that I treat myself to on the rarest of occasions.  The thing that makes me most upset is that I've been charged for Dippin' Dots that ARE NOT in my tummy!  It makes me feel like the culprit  has personally attacked me.  So if the culprit reads this, IT'S WAR!! IT IS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!
Happy: Awesome day in Austin
Crappy: credit card fraud :(

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