Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

Every Easter, for as long as I can remember, Mr. E. Bunny would leave clues in plastic eggs for us to find our Easter baskets! Waking up on Easter morning was one of the most exciting days of the year for us!  I was always up first to scope out where all the eggs were hidden.  All the eggs had a little note that was quippy and cleverly crafted by my father.  I'm pretty sure that Easter is the only day of the year that I've ever been able to read my father's handwriting because he always tried so hard to conceal E. Bunny's true identity.

I was really bummed this year when I found out that I wasn't going home for Easter.  Between my parents visiting last weekend and me going home this coming weekend, it just didn't make sense to go home for Easter.

I was disappointed that I was going to miss out on things like dyeing eggs with my parents.  Since we weren't celebrating Easter as a family on Easter this year, our Easter celebration started last weekend with our Easter baskets from our parents last week.  I got a Lemon Parfait Vera Bradley beach towel (my mother loves to feed my Vera Bradley addiction!), candy and a few other things!  Then, we got a box in the mail from my Aunt!  She sent us a box filled with easter grass and all these really neat eggs in shapes like cupcakes, ice cream, etc.  Each egg had a piece of candy in it!  The box was a really nice surprise this week!!

To make Easter special for my sister and I, I decided to make a quiche.  Homemade quiche can be a fairly involved task but I thought it was totally worth it!  This morning I woke up super early to take a shower and get the kitchen ready for me to make the quiche!  I used the Pate Brisee recipe from and it came together pretty well!  I probably could have put a little more water in it but overall it was pretty good! For the filling, I made it up.  I combined a few different recipes and it ended up something like this:

7 Eggs Beaten
1.75 cups of Heavy Cream
1 Medium Potato - peeled and cubed then fried in butter in a skillet
1.5 handfulls of Mild Cheddar Cheese
6 slices of bacon chopped fairly large

Beat the eggs and add the heavy cream and whisk together.  Once crust is cooled, add the potatoes, bacon, and cheese to egg mixture.  Pour mixture into crust.  (I had extra filling and it spilled over the crust into the sides.  To avoid this, either use a larger pie plate and use more crust OR reduce the eggs to 6 and the  heavy cream to 1.5 cups).  I baked the quiche at 400 degrees for 30 minutes and pushed a knife through the top and it was still really runny so I put it back in for another 5-10 minutes.  After letting the quiche rest for 30 minutes, We cut into it and ENJOYED!  My house now smells wonderful and I can't believe how delicious it was! Also, it reheats really well!!!!! Hoppy Easter to all of my readers!
Ignore the messy plate, this was my second piece!!

Friday, April 22, 2011


I've got some thrilling news all!  I mentioned it in a past post but here it is:  I got ACCEPTED to the Special Education program!!! WHOOP!!!!  I couldn't be more excited and will find out all the details of the program at a meeting on Monday!!!!
In other news, The semester is done in about a week and a half!  WHOOP!!!
Also, Tuesday was Pull Out Day! Yes I know that sounds incredibly dirty, but it's not.  Here at Texas A&M, we have this thing called WHOOP.  When something that you like is mentioned or you're happy about something you WHOOP.  This extreme privilege is reserved for upperclassman.  Well, on Pull Out Day, the whole class gets together (I was there in spirit since I worked) and sophomores can officially "pull out" or WHOOP!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So I am more than a bit frustrated.  Let me tell you why.  I have some complaints about people on facebook and it's as simple as that.  I've got one person who keeps sending me invites to facebook events and let me tell you, I don't live in the same state as this person.  Also, you're probably thinking, "Just block them from inviting you" well, I've tried that and it's not working for some reason :(  Also there is some super selfish person on facebook who has made it his birthday for the past two weeks straight.  Rude and selfish if you ask me.  Forget about clogging up my new feed with people wishing you a Happy Birthday? It's just selfish.  Then there is a certain someone who posted a facebook status about how thrilled they are to be a part of the class of 2013 at Texas A&M and so glad that they finally have the ability to WHOOP.  But they don't attend this university.  Also, RUDE.  Okay, mid day complaint about selfish people is done.  By the way, I unfriended them all :) So hopefully no more facebook complaints!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is Just Too...

I'm working a special even on Saturday that requires me to look nice.  I've got to wear business pants, a nice shirt in the shade of maroon or white and flats.  You'd think I would have all of these things but I most certainly do not.  All my pants are too long because they're meant to be worn with heels and I don't ever wear white because, HELLO! I spill.  I also don't wear flats hardly ever because I like my heels.
My journey for these items starts with a cute edgy boutique: Merge.  I walked into the store and was not greeted.  In fact, I feel like I'm being judged and ignored.  Apparently I was TOO mainstream for them and not edgy or fashiony enough.
Then I see the store Avenue.  I know that it's a plus size store but so is Dress Barn and I loveeee Dress Barn.  So I walk in and was greeted.  I looked around for a few minutes before I was asked "May I help you with sumthin?"  I asked if they had any maroon shirts and the lady said "No, and if you were lookin for yourself, honey, this is a PLUS size store.  None of this would fit you."  Okay, so now I'm TOO thin, TOO young, and she was TOO rude.
I head over to the mall where I'm either TOO broke, TOO classy, TOO pissed, TOO fat, or TOO big for everything.  I ended up having to spend more money than I had planed but oh well I guess. :/  Now I'm TOO buzzed to care so everyone else can kiss it today.
I generally try to keep the self loathing posts to a minimum but work was less than pleasant, as well as I had homework I was deeply trying to avoid.  Oh well, the day is done.

P.s. a post about my acceptance to the special education program is coming!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunshine and Umbrellas!

Yesterday my friend Ryan went to downtown Bryan to take pictures with me.  My mom wanted a picture of me printed on canvas and I didn't like any of the ones that I had especially since I recently cut all my hair off.  We (read Ryan) took TONS of pictures and I keep getting to see a few bit by bit.  Here is one that Ryan took and I edited.
We had an absolute blast and there are quite a few more pictures to come!  We took pictures all over, in front of the library, on some stairs, on the railroad tracks, and mannnny other places.  I'll probably post a few more on here later!  

The Waiting Game:

Hello and welcome to the Waiting Game - filled with the possibility of fantastic prizes!  I'm currently waiting and waiting and waiting to find out whether or not I have been accepted to the Special Education Program.  Now, I have two  plans: Plan A and Plan B.  Plan A is as follows:  get into the Sped program and graduate in 2 years and be genuinely happy for the rest of my life (or at least the next week or so).  Plan B: try and pick up a minor in Creative Studies, be miserable for a semester, graduate a semester late (If i get into the program next semester).  Obviously we're hoping for plan A here.  I'm absolutely not sure how this is going to turn out.  My whole future will be determined by the contents of one envelope to arrive in the mail in the near future.  We'll all find out this week at some point and it is terrible knowing that some of your friends and classmates won't get into the program and that if you don't get in there are always going to be others who do get in that you think are undeserving.  I'm pretty sure that I've been giving myself an ulcer worrying about whether or not I'm getting into the program.  Now I'm going to check the mail for the 3rd time today...