Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hell in a Handbasket

Picture this, my life is the handbasket, and hell has just unleashed its self in my life.  Let me just hit the highlights:
A friend potentially getting divorced
A friend who got dumped while in Iraq
A friend who broke off her engagement
A friend who wants nothing to do with me after a 5 year friendship
A school situation less than positive
A professor who is challenging to say the least
and all the pressure in the world it feels pushing down on me

The one thing i did for myself this week is that i bought the movie Something Borrowed.  This is what my sister and I will be doing on our first free weekend together.

Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day Jitters...

Tomorrow is my first day in a school!  I have been told I can't tell too much info on my blog for security/FERPA/covering my own butt.  Anyway, I really want to tell you about it, unfortunately I want a job even more than that!  I will tell you (I'm assuming there are people who read this, but to be sure, leave a comment!!) everything I can in the most vaguest of terms.  I'll be in a grade observing/teaching/learning etc and I'm pretty excited but reallllllllly nervous, in fact, I sincerely doubt that I'm going to be able to sleep tonight because of the swarm of butterflies flying around my tummy!!!!  That is all I've got for now, I'm sure more exciting things have happened since the las blog, but I can't think of them right this second.....I'll be sure to post soon though! :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today I spent the day (trying) to get stuff done.  I went and gave a presentation to a college class this morning, ran some errands and got ready to go to lunch with my friend Natalie.

I've mentioned Natalie before because we're a LOT alike!  We met during our freshman year in this horrible club we joined!  Today, I picked her up to go to lunch and we were talking about what all we have going on this semester.  My list looks a little like this:
Class 8-4 Monday and Wednesday
Observations from 7-3:15(at least) Tuesday and Thursday
Working my job at the call center Monday-Wednesday 5:30-9
and hopefully I'll be working on Fridays as a substitute teacher
Add into that I work all day before football games and that basically leaves me one day a week.
Also, I'm secretary for a professional organization which I put a LOT of time into

And Natalie said one of the kindest things I've ever been told today: "I don't envy you, but I sure do admire you, Hannah."  It made me feel so great.  She also said that I was so upbeat about it.  In my opinion, if I weren't upbeat and positive about my commitments this semester, I'd be in tears EVERY night.

I'm this little engine that could.  I think KNOW I can! I think KNOW I can! I think KNOW I can!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back Into The Swing of Things, Pt. 2

So it's the beginning of the semester and this is normally the easy part of the year.  This semester, I'm working at the call center still, taking 15 hours of classes and I will be driving to Navasota twice a week to observe in a classroom.  I''m reallllly excited about this semester because of all the hands-on work I'll get to do.  Pretty much all of my classes have assignments that I'll actually get to use and implement in the classroom I'm in!!  As far as difficulty, my classes shouldn't be too difficult, although I am taking a class from the devil.  She's not only super disorganized and has trouble teaching her class, she gave us a pop quiz on Labor Day (yes, my school has classes on Labor day, and yes, it pisses all the students off).  She called it a "Labor Day Present."  Really? No, I think of presents as good things, a pop quiz is NEVER a good thing.  And she's giving us a test the second week of school too.

On a personal note, I'm involved in an organization, Student Council for Exceptional Children, which is a really fun professional organization that I'm currently the secretary for!  I've been really trying to stay involved with my school this year because I understand how important it is to be a part of something bigger than me.

I went to the first football game and had a really great time!  I went with a couple of friends and we had a ball!  The only thing that makes me dislike going to our football is that the student section stands.  For the ENTIRE game.  Which is fine and dandy, I guess, if it's not close to 100 degrees and if you haven't been on your feet for four hours before the game.  But on the plus side, the Aggies brought it home with a win!