Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today I spent the day (trying) to get stuff done.  I went and gave a presentation to a college class this morning, ran some errands and got ready to go to lunch with my friend Natalie.

I've mentioned Natalie before because we're a LOT alike!  We met during our freshman year in this horrible club we joined!  Today, I picked her up to go to lunch and we were talking about what all we have going on this semester.  My list looks a little like this:
Class 8-4 Monday and Wednesday
Observations from 7-3:15(at least) Tuesday and Thursday
Working my job at the call center Monday-Wednesday 5:30-9
and hopefully I'll be working on Fridays as a substitute teacher
Add into that I work all day before football games and that basically leaves me one day a week.
Also, I'm secretary for a professional organization which I put a LOT of time into

And Natalie said one of the kindest things I've ever been told today: "I don't envy you, but I sure do admire you, Hannah."  It made me feel so great.  She also said that I was so upbeat about it.  In my opinion, if I weren't upbeat and positive about my commitments this semester, I'd be in tears EVERY night.

I'm this little engine that could.  I think KNOW I can! I think KNOW I can! I think KNOW I can!

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