Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is Just Too...

I'm working a special even on Saturday that requires me to look nice.  I've got to wear business pants, a nice shirt in the shade of maroon or white and flats.  You'd think I would have all of these things but I most certainly do not.  All my pants are too long because they're meant to be worn with heels and I don't ever wear white because, HELLO! I spill.  I also don't wear flats hardly ever because I like my heels.
My journey for these items starts with a cute edgy boutique: Merge.  I walked into the store and was not greeted.  In fact, I feel like I'm being judged and ignored.  Apparently I was TOO mainstream for them and not edgy or fashiony enough.
Then I see the store Avenue.  I know that it's a plus size store but so is Dress Barn and I loveeee Dress Barn.  So I walk in and was greeted.  I looked around for a few minutes before I was asked "May I help you with sumthin?"  I asked if they had any maroon shirts and the lady said "No, and if you were lookin for yourself, honey, this is a PLUS size store.  None of this would fit you."  Okay, so now I'm TOO thin, TOO young, and she was TOO rude.
I head over to the mall where I'm either TOO broke, TOO classy, TOO pissed, TOO fat, or TOO big for everything.  I ended up having to spend more money than I had planed but oh well I guess. :/  Now I'm TOO buzzed to care so everyone else can kiss it today.
I generally try to keep the self loathing posts to a minimum but work was less than pleasant, as well as I had homework I was deeply trying to avoid.  Oh well, the day is done.

P.s. a post about my acceptance to the special education program is coming!

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