Friday, April 22, 2011


I've got some thrilling news all!  I mentioned it in a past post but here it is:  I got ACCEPTED to the Special Education program!!! WHOOP!!!!  I couldn't be more excited and will find out all the details of the program at a meeting on Monday!!!!
In other news, The semester is done in about a week and a half!  WHOOP!!!
Also, Tuesday was Pull Out Day! Yes I know that sounds incredibly dirty, but it's not.  Here at Texas A&M, we have this thing called WHOOP.  When something that you like is mentioned or you're happy about something you WHOOP.  This extreme privilege is reserved for upperclassman.  Well, on Pull Out Day, the whole class gets together (I was there in spirit since I worked) and sophomores can officially "pull out" or WHOOP!

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