Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We're not talking about soccer here folks, we're talking about career and life goal: the scary ones. When I was 15, I had a ten year plan. It went something a little like this: I knew that by 25, I would be happily married, teaching elementary school, with a baby (or at the very least one on the way). I'm now 21. A mere 4 years away from that plan and I gotta say, that ain't gonna happen. A lot has changed for me since I was 15. Since I've been in college, I've come up with a different "plan" if you will. My new plan is, first, to graduate and get certified to teach. As of now, and God willing I pass all my tests, I will be certified to teach all grades in special education as well as general Ed in an elementary school, and English as a second language. And depending on how much I like my current field placement, I may seek some middle school certifications (God help me). Hopefully, after I graduate, I'll get a job that will help me pay for a masters in administration. And THENNNNNN maybe, just maybe I'll continue my education with some sort of degree in education law so that I can be an advocate. (this is all in an ideal world where time and money have no meaning obviously). And every good plan has a plan B. (Mom, if you're reading this, you may just want to stop there because I already know you don't like the back up plan) Plan B. If that all doesn't work out for me, I'm planning on moving out to Las Vegas and becoming a cocktail waitress. After being in Vegas for about a month or so, I'll meet Holly Madison and we'll become best friends and I'll make frequent appearances on her tv show where I'll become so liked that I will get my own spin off show and then I'll live happily ever after!!

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