Thursday, February 9, 2012

Personal Growth

So ya know how you always hear how great the classics (books) are and how you just have to read them???  Well most people do this as a part of their high school education.  Some people, just buy Sparknotes and ask one of the 4 people in the class major points before a test over those readings.  This is how I passed high school english.  That and waiting until the last minute to work on major projects that my mom would help me with.  (she understood Shakespeare, obviously that gene skipped me)  Why am I talking about this now?  Well I've decided to work on myself as a person and reading more was one of those things I wanted to improve upon.  So I decided to tackle the beast:  Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.  Now, when I was supposed to read this, I frequently said, "Now I know why they say things hurt 'like the dickens! It's because reading anything by Charles Dickens is physically painful."  I may have been a tad dramatic.  But only maybe.
So why does this matter?  Well here is the objective: (written in ABCD majors get this):  Given the book Great Expectations, Hannah will read at minimum 5 chapters per week with 100% comprehension measured by a retell of the story to Twyla once weekly. [yes that is how detailed the objectives on every single lesson plan I write is supposed to be].
This is currently day 3, I've read the first chapter and am planning on getting at least another chapter read today!  Personal growth had better be completely worth this.  It is Dicken's for goodness sakes!

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