Tuesday, February 28, 2012


SO  I sort of have just about the best friends in the WORLD.  I know that sounds a little braggy but, hello, humbleness ranks right up there with patience in the traits I don't possess.  Let's start with why my friends are so wonderful:
1.  My girlfriends (and sometimes even their boyfriends too) are always up for Margarita night!  This is wonderful because when you have a stressful week of teaching, it's nice to have people you can call up and go out with!

2.  My girlfriends always help me know what's due when and what to study! This is especially lovely because sometimes it's just too much to keep organized in my head

3.  My girlfriends are always willing to listen to me bitch and complain about the men in my life, silly professors, silly work nonsense and really just anything!

4.  My girlfriends let me drive.  This one may sound silly. But it's not. I have control issues, I don't need to pay a shrink $100 an hour to tell me that.  I like being in control and that especially means in a car.  So whenever we go places, my friends don't mind if I drive :)

And the last reason that my girlfriends are THE best is.......(drumroll please)
5.  They're always there for me.  In any and every capacity.  Whether I need cheered up or someone to go to dinner with or just someone to watch tv with, they're always there for me!

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