Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ring Day

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the traditions of Texas A&M University, Ring Day is kind of a big deal.  And by kind of I mean really.  At most universities, you can get your 'class ring' whenever.  That's cool.  It's just not how we do it here.  At A&M you have to earn your ring; you have to work your hiney off for your ring.  First of all, you have to complete 90 hours of classes with no more than 45 hours at a different college.  So you can't order it until you are classified as a senior.  You also have to be in good academic standing with the university.  Now these things aren't cheap.  So not only do you have to earn it, it's expensive!  Well I've waited two and a half years for this day and let me tell you I was excited!!!!
This whole process started back in January.  You have to go and get sized for your ring and order it.  Then you have to wait 3 grueling months to wake up at 6:00 am the Monday before you get your ring to register for a time to get it.  Which sounds easy, except the website crashed about 60983418702837056 times and took me and the bestie forEVER to get the right times!  But all that aside, I know have that little hunk of Aggie Bling!

The Family on Kyle Field 

One of the besties!! We both got our rings!

Another bestie and her boyfriend and me!
This captures us well...

One of my favorite photos taken all day!

Gig 'Em!!!

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  1. hope i could turn back time as the memories of having my class ring was put by my proud parents up in the stage signifying i'm almost in the pinnacle of my dreams. i really know how does it feels, awesome moments.

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