Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hey there bloggy friends.  I have a HUGE apology to issue.  It's been months since I posted.  I can't say it's because I couldn't find the time, but I was in London and then working like crazy and then I took a mini vacation with a friend's family and now I'm working a camp for 3 weeks.  Oh and I had to pass Texas Poli Sci at some point in there too.  To help express my sincerest apologies, I'm including lots of eye candy today! Enjoy my pictures from London!

The Seester in the courtyard of the Victoria & Albert Museum

Just me chillin in a phone booth

Burberry Outlet Store - Everything was still wayyyy too expensive

Westminster Abbey - LOVED IT

Outside Buckingham Palace gates 
Seester outside the Palace

Just headed to Hogwarts - No big deal!

Golden Carriage at the Royal Mews

We had to take a picture with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!!

More about London to come soon!!

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