Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bucket List: Revisited

It's about a month left of summer and I decided I need to get to work on this bucket list!

1.  Learn to shoot a handgun
2.  Ice skate
3.  ACTUALLY go see movies - DONESKIES!!!! Saw Dark Knight, Spiderman, and Brave!!
4.  Spend a majority of my free time at the beach with the besties! Donish! Went to Corpus with Ashely and her family!
5.  Take a road trip (just a day trip at least) someplace new!  DONE!! Went to Corpus!!
6.  Get another piercing - not yet, but cartilage piercing here we come!!
7.  sing karaoke 
8.  Don't think - just do - I'm doing ok with this one!
9.  Go to Lake Bryan
10.  Go to a concert - Summer fest kickoff at Harry's counts right??
11.  go dancing - like country dancing
12.  Successfully make clothespin cookies
13.  keep in contact with everyone who is important to me I'm doing a fairly good job at this one!
14.  Live in a clean apartment - all summer - Ashley, don't laugh too hard at that one! The apartment is clean....My room is a different story... In my defense, I still haven't actually settled into my room yet.
15.  READ - pshhhh umm not so much
16.  Lay out & tannnnnnn - I had a decent tan going, then camp happened.
17.  work out - hahahaha what was I thinking....
18.  Go bowling with friends frequently
19.  Pass Texas Government - WITH A B!!!! BAM!
20.  Float the river with friends!

Okay, only 8 of the 20 have been done.... UHOH!!! HELP!!! Anyone who wants to help me complete these let me know!!

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