Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcome to Hell

Group projects.  Seemingly harmful assignments right?! False.  Group projects are a gift sent to us straight from the Devil himself.
What a group project is supposed to look like:
All students doing an equal share of the work
All students working together to create the work
All students working together
All students collaborating to arrive at the answers/final product

What they actually look like:
1 person organizes the group
1 person does the prep work
1 person does all the work
That one person happens to be the SAME person
Very little is done by all members

I'm currently involved in 2 group work heavy classes and let me just tell you: the freaking suck!  Some people argue that group projects prepare you to work in the "real world."  And I'm going to go ahead and say that that is a total complete lie.  Yes, you have to work together and collaborate in the "real world" but everyone is more invested because its 1) your job and 2) people will rat you out 3) if you don't know the material and can't explain your work to the boss man, you're screwed.  Group projects teach you one thing: single out the smartest person and team up with them so that they'll do all the work.  I of course am always the one who gets singled out like the weak gazelle on National Geographic.  I'd stay and rant longer, but I have work for other people to take credit for.

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