Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back into the Swing of Things....

I've spent the first week of classes adjusting and trying to get back into a groove.  Last semester, the groove just appeared, it came to me instantly!!  But then again, a lot of the groove depended on my friends and going out with them and all those social type things.  As this semester starts, I have been more focused on getting better MUCH better grades than last semester.  Its not that my grades were bad.....but they weren't great either.  I don't want to spend all of my time studying or doing homework but I really do need to be more dedicated.  Which I am not only saying, I have already put it into action!!!  So far, I have started on the math homework that isn't due until Friday and not only started my 30+ chemistry assignments but completed them.  ALL of them!!!! EVEN the optional ones!!!!!!  Yay for change!! :)

My classes so far don't seem excessively difficult.  However, two of them WILL kick my patootey.  One because the course material is going to be difficult and one because my professor is an jerk.  His mission is to make at least one girl cry in his class each semester.  Oh ya, he's a winner.....not.  and my math class... I've never had any desire whatsoever to learn calculus why would I gain one now?  Oh, well, at least that professor seems like she wants us to succeed in her class and actually do well!!  Its the professors that want you to fail their class and want to make it their mission to fail the class that I have a problem with.

My favorite class this semester will be my music class.  My professor has an uncanny likeness to Mr. Shoester from Glee.  But not necessarily in the looks department but in the mannerism and attitude department their identical!!!!  He is such a FANTASTIC professor and really knows how to get the class to participate in the music we're learning about.  Plus he plays in an orchestra!  Gotta love a musician!!! :)

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