Monday, January 25, 2010

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Today I spent my day watching the rest of Weeds season 5.  If you haven't gotten hooked on it, then you really ought to!  Its FANTASTIC, a little mature (read a LOT mature) but TOTALLY worth it!!  After that was over, I made lunch for me and my sister.  Nothing special or extravagant, just ravioli from the freezer and sauce from a can.  I spent all day working on my homework for classes and was much relieved to get a bunch of it out of the way and finished!!!  My day was going uneventful but totally wonderful until I got a text message.

This text message was from my sub-co (sub committee) leader.  She had decided to call a meeting for tonight.  Now these 'meetings', I use this term extremely loosely, normally consist of two or three of the five or six members showing up and our 'leader' talking/gossiping/wasting our time for a good hour or two.  These meetings generally start at 8 which is fine now that I have a car.  But when I had to ride my bike up in the cold/wet/wind/rain/dark, etc. it was frustrating.  I would have to bike home, exhausted and pissed off (because I have yet to leave one of those meetings in a good mood).  Not a recipe for perfection.  So the first text I got said the meeting was at 8.  I said, "I'll be there"  The thing is, I have to say, I'm quitting this organization.  This week infact.  I just don't enjoy the meetings or any of the things affiliated with it, with the exception of the "big sib" program, that I LOVE!! :)  So then when at 7, I got a text saying hey, meeting at 8:30, I was like, I am not gonna be able to make it.  So then she wanted an explanation.  So I made up some bull about ride difficulty and that I had a bunch of work to get done for tomorrow.  I wanted to get more of my work done so that technically wasn't a lie.  So anyway, she got pissed and was like, "these meetings are mandatory, you need to be there"  So i did what anyone else would do, I said I'd be there.  

I left my house and turned onto the main street.  I drove a little ways and then saw police lights lighting up my car.  I pulled over and got out my license.  I've never been pulled over before in my life.  I was terrified.  The worst thing was, I had no idea what I was being pulled over for, I knew I wasn't speeding, so I was clueless.  The cop went into the whole, I'm officer so and so and I need to see your license and insurance.  I gave him the stuff.  then I asked, why was I pulled over?  He replied with "are you in a hurry ma'am?" Me: "Well, I'm on my way to a meeting but I'm not like late or anything."  
Officer: "well Miss, you failed to turn into the proper lane when turning right back there.  See you made a wide right turn"
Me: "I did?  Oh I'm so sorry, I guess I just didn't realize.  I mean I knew that both lanes were clear and safe for me to turn into"
Officer:" Well, I'm gonna go run these(points to license and insurance)"
Me: ok..... (sniffle sniffle, don't cry don't cry)
Officer:  "What I'm going to do is give you a warning.  Sign here and do you have any questions?"
Me: "ummmm Ya, actually, what does getting a warning mean. Like do I have to do anything? (ya now I know it was a stupid question but cut me some slack, I've never been pulled over before)
Officer: "Well Miss. What it means is you need to be a better, safer driver.  You have to pay attention to what you're doing."
Me: (in my head) Well no kidding!  Thanks for being an jerk  out loud: "ok, Thanks officer"

So Then I proceeded to my meeting where only 3 members were there and I was absolutely NO help whatsoever to the process and the 'leader' had nothing for us to do.  It was pointless for me to waste my time there and if I had just stayed at home and not gone to that stupid meeting, I wouldn't have gotten pulled over.  To me, this sounds like God's way of telling me that I am making the right decision when it comes to getting out of this club.  

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