Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So apparently I missed the memo that everyone else got today: It's everyone piss off Hannah day.  So i go to class this morning, someone cuts me off at the stop sign, and then i get to the garage and can't find a good parking spot.  Then I go to chem class and am utterly bored because apparently, education majors are dumb blondes and have to ask the most ridiculous questions.  Then I go to the library and all the good seats are taken and i have to use the outlet that looks like you'll get electrocuted if you plug into it but hey, i don't! (its sad that this is the high point of my day) Then I head off to music and my day is looking up, the elevator wasn't a long wait and i didn't have to stop at every floor! WHOO HOO!!!! But then when I get to music class, I'm venting to my friend Amy and this girl comes and sits next to me.  No big deal, i like people.  But then things start to get ugly.  She brought a can of diet coke with her to class.  My general rule of thumb is don't bring open containers to class, chances are, they'll just make a mess.  So I guess she thought it would be a good idea to put it on the little fold out writing desk thingy.  Then she takes the desk and tips it to get something from her bag, well wouldn't you know, that can slid right off!!! Who would have thought?!  Not the dummy sitting next to me apparently.  So where did the can go? you might ask, oh you guessed it! Right in my lap.  It COMPLETELY soaked through my lap and the seat and my coat.  So now, I have to sit through music class, sticky and damp.  She didn't offer to clean it up or get me paper towels or anything.  Real nice, huh?  Well as class progresses, this intelligent person next to me, keeps rocking the little writing table thingy right into my leg.  She did it at least 20 times.  What?! It isn't bad enough you made getting through the rest of my classes unbearable, you just HAD to give me a bruise too?!  Gee thanks! You're really just TOO kind.  I mean really, you must be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO freaking proud of yourself!!!

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