Sunday, November 20, 2011


Ok so in celebration of my turning 21 finally, (YAY!) I've decided to list 21 things I loved about my birthday week! (In no particular order)
21. All my homework was done for the week before my birthday started!!
20. I got to order girly drinks!!
19. I got Carded!!!
18. I have been absolutely ecstatic all week!
17. I started some more planning for my trip to London!
16. I got to talk to one of my great friends in Utah!
15. I finally got to play pool in college!
14. Strawberry Margaritas!
13. Mojitos!
12. I am starting to reconnect with some of my cousins!
11. I got AWESOME presents from everyone!
10. My friend Ashley did my hair perfectly!!!
9. I got a Birthday Banner and gift from the kids I babysit!
8. I got a ton of birthday cards from my students!
7. The weather was perfect!
6. I didn't have to work hardly ever!
5. I went to my first ring dunk! (it's an Aggie thing)
4. I finally got to tailgate!
3. I got to spend time with Jessica for a girls weekend!!!
2. I didn't get carded!!!
1. Getting to see and hang out with wonderful friends!!!

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