Sunday, January 20, 2013


This was written awhile ago and I didn't ever publish it. Enjoy!

I am not a good sharer.  I mostly blame my parents for this.  I have always gotten whatever I wanted and never really had to share with my sister.  When we did have to share, like when we lived together, she was rarely home and also had this thing called common courtesy.  Common courtesy, to me, dictates that you do not eat other people food without asking, you don't use other people's things without asking, you respect other people.  I try to follow these rules.  I may not always be perfect but let me tell you, I'm not as bad as it as some people in my life.  Some people need to learn that what's mine is mine and not yours.  It's yours if I offer, not if you just take.  Having to learn to share things that I DESPERATELY do NOT want to share is becoming very difficult for me. Very difficult.  It's making me more and more upset with every day that I am still living like this!

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