Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stress Relievers

What do you do when you need to relieve stress?  My sister goes to the batting cages or goes to a pottery painting place. My mom quilts.  A few friends of mine go to the shooting range.  I've heard some people who swim or run to clear their minds and relieve stress.  Me? What do I do to relieve stress, you may ask. Well, I like to bake.  A lot of people say "The secret ingredient to excellent baking is L-O-V-E."  Well ***NEWS FLASH*** The real secret ingredient to baking is rage.  I do the best baking when I'm stressed and take my stress out in creamy, custardy, creme brulee and chocolate chip cookies.  My desserts come out well when I'm not stressed, but stress elevates it to the next level.  Whenever I get stressed I head to the kitchen and whip something up.  This weekend, I was a tad (read INCREDIBLY) stressed so my great friend Amy brought me to the bakery that she works at.  There, the bakery owner gave us a short tutorial on how to do a basket weave with icing on a cake.  In order to not waste cake, she gave us cake pans to practice on!  Here is my results:

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