Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth!

The Fourth of July is one of my most favorite childhood memories.  When I used to be a Yankee (in geography only NOT to be confused with a fan of that damn baseball team from New York), our town used to celebrate the Fourth of July for the holiday it truly is!  We're talking a parade with the LOUD fire trucks, flying candy, burgers, hot dogs, fireflies, flags, friends, families, and MOST importantly FIREWORKS.  I'm not talking the crappy ones you set off in your backyard here, we're talking about a fell fireworks display put on by the city.  Our house was situated in the PERFECT place so all we had to do was grab a picnic blanket or a lawn chair and throw it in the front lawn and we had the best seats in town.  We used to have my Aunt, Uncle and cousins from my Dad's side of the family, the neighbors as well as some family friends.  The kids used to light up sparklers and those popper things that explode when you throw them while the parents did whatever.  We would stay up late to see the full show and we never fought on the Fourth of July.  Since moving to Texas, I don't remember seeing fireworks besides the crappy ones that our annoying neighbors do.  This year, we had burgers and corn on the cob, no fireworks and let the evening pass as if it were just any other Monday night.  Drought restrictions suck :(

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