Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Bummer

Ever hit that point in the summer where you get bored?  It's not because there isn't anything to do or because you have too much to do.  It's because you miss hanging out with your friends, or being on your own at college, or are tired of your parents nagging you about your summer reading assignment, or you've seen all the repeats of your favorite shows so much that you're tired of the shows and you're tired of the same food and activities.  I call this phenomena Summer Bummer.  In order to combat the "Summer Bummer," I have died my hair a nice solid brunette color that has a slight red undertone.  I've got plans to take a 'field trip' to the Houston Museum of Art before a wedding in a couple of weekends which I'm pretty excited about!! 

My July is FULL of things to do to kick my Summer Bummer in the bum!  I'm going to be a camp counselor for pretty much the whole month of July!  When that's finished, I'll hopefully be back at work, that is if the cubicles ever show up and our internet calling system starts working.  Oh, the stresses of work!  I will be sure to post all about my July Fourth celebration!!!

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