Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Old Friends :)

I'm the queen of getting too consumed with school and work to keep up with some of my friends.  So this semester, I decided to make a better effort to make more time for my friends and communicate better.  One way that I've chosen to do this is by writing letters.  I think it's almost a lost art form.  I think that it's important to keep friends close because as they say, "Friends are the family you choose."

I've also been skyping a lot lately :)  Skype is a lovely invention and it's really allowed me to see my good family friends in Ohio.  This week I skyped with them and talked to Lauren (8) and Andrew (12) about their summer plans and the end of school.  Andrew showed me a pillowcase that my mom and I made for him at least 8 years ago if not more.  So I've decided to send them a nice little care package for their summer.  Have any ideas of what to include??
This is what 8+ years of continuous use will do to a pillow case.  
Another thing that I've been trying to do is meet up with friends and spend quality time with them.  Tonight, I got to spend hours with my friend Natalie.  Natalie and I met within my first month of being a freshman when I looked like this:  
Right after I broke my nose: Sept 2009
We are both INSANELY busy during the past 2 semesters so we haven't gotten to keep up as much as we'd like.  But tonight we got to talk and catch up on all the drama and found out yet again that we are almost the exact same person!  Every time we hang out, we remember how alike we are and how much we miss each other.  I think we'll be hanging out a lot this summer :)  And I'm cooking for her this week!! (I'll post pictures or something when I actually get to making dinner!

My other really great friend Barb is planning a pilgrimage to come visit me!  It probably won't happen until she comes back from her study abroad trip to SPAINNNN but I'm excited nonetheless!  I'm going to help teach her to cook and we'll have a GREATT time watching chick flicks and gossiping :)  Maybe even a pillow fight and french braiding each others' hair!!  
How do you keep in touch with your friends?  

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