Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Big C

I recently got The Big C from netflix in the mail!  I am LOVING it.  I'm disappointed that I only got to watch the first 5 episodes, but I definitely have enjoyed it so far.  I've enjoyed it so much, that I have taken inspiration from it.  In case you haven't seen the show, it's on Showtime, Laura Linney's character Kathy has cancer: stage 4 melanoma.  She won't tell her husband, brother, son, etc because she doesn't want to be cared for.  She likes to be the one doing the taking care not being taken care of.  I can completely identify with that!  I was born to be a hostess/mother.  I'm nurturing to the point of self neglect and I HATE it when people take care of me.  Well ANYWAY, because of her diagnosis, she wants to start living her life.  She cashed in her rainy day fund did all sorts of lovely things!  Now, I don't have a rainy day fund to cash in on and I definitely am healthy (Thank God) but I have many ways to spice up my life!
I'm always one to stay in at night and curl up with a good book or with a good movie and go to bed early.  Everyday this week (so far), I've done something social!  Monday, I watched the good ol' Fightin Texas Aggie baseball team kick Florida States's ass at the baseball super regionals with some coworkers!  Off to the College World Series in Omaha!!! :) Tuesday I had dinner with my coworkers again which was great because we went to Texas Roadhouse.  And today, I cooked dinner and dessert for my good friend Ashley and also helped her with some math homework for her summer class!!
All in all, I've had a great week so far!! How has your week been???

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