Saturday, August 6, 2011


This week is going to be the BEST WEEK EVER!!! One of my best friends is coming to visit with me and have a slumber party!  We didn't get to talk a whole lot this summer because she was busy frolicking around in Spain and I was stuck here in my boring ol' college town!   Anyway!!! She is coming to visit me on WEDNESDAY! But before that, I get to have a tanning/pool date with a friend from Camp on Tuesday!! Who knows, maybe I'm actually becoming a social creature....!?!?  At the end of the week, I get the BEST end of summer present that I could EVER ask for!!  My seester is coming home from Iowa!!! She's finally coming back!! She's been gone since the end of May and it's the longest we've ever been apart!  Needless to say, as much as I complain about her during the school year, I do miss her dearly!  Maybe remind me about this come November.... :)

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