Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

Yesterday, I went to Austin with Arli and Phil to go bug collecting!!!  Now, most of you may be thinking "Bug collecting?? Didn't I read a post about how creeped out you are by cockroaches??? Why on God's green earth would you be going bug collecting?!"  The real  reason I went was because I LOVVEE road trips and with all of the work for school, work at work, and field work I've been doing, it leaves very little time to have some fun and hang out.  So we headed out in the mid morning and got back later that evening!  Here are some pictures of our fabulous outing!! :)

Arli's Road Trip Face!! Attractive no?!

This is me helping with the bug 

Look at me!! I'm touching bug stuff!! (OK so it's just a jar with Bug preserver stuff inside but hey, it's a start!)

Beautiful little creek that we trespassed to see.  Also, during this little adventure, we learned that armadillos can hop!  Who knew?

Two Best Friends :)
Happily Married Couple!

Random car door on the bank of the creek...

Arli: "It looks like Mickey Mouse died here..."

This property not only had bullet signs in their "no trespassing" sign, this bus also had the windows shot out....

The two lovely goats and sheep that were chillin when we left!!
 All in all, it was a lovely day and we had such a good time and can't wait for our Spring Break trip to NEW ORLEANS!!!  It's exactly a month away and I can't wait because by then, I will be 100% complete with my application to the professional phase of my program!  Also, we'll be 100% relaxing away from all the stresses associated with my life in College Station!

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