Monday, February 7, 2011

It Seems Like It Was Just Yesterday...

I know it has been a while (read forever) since I blogged last.  Let me give you the 10 second tidy version of the catch up:
1.  Got excellent grades last semester!
2.  Got a job last summer as a caller at an NPO!
3.  Typical Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's etc.
4.  Got a promotion at work! WHOO HOO!
5.  Also working as a receptionist at work!! :)
6.  Time consuming classes this semester.
7.  Made ExCELLENT friends in my water ex class (somewhat out of order) ((you'll hear plenty about them, Arli and Phil))
8.  Became addicted to HGTV
9.  Became estranged from some friends
10. And I'm still single and 20

Okay, now that we're all caught up, let me have just a tiny little rant!
Tonight, I went to get gas in my car, and it just happens that Sam's Club is the cheapest place to fill the tank.  I get out and unlock my gas cap, do the credit card nonsense and start pumping the gas.  All completely innocent.  The older hispanic man at the pump next to me steps back and starts watching me pump gas.  Then he makes this comment, "So, you're a Texas A&M Dad?"  (Side note:  I got my Dad's car and didn't have the heart/time/energy to take off the window sticker that reads Texas A&M Dad.)  So I kindly replied "oh, that? This used to be my Dad's car"  and after that he continued to try and chat me up waiting much to long to finish pumping his gas and put the pump up for my taste.  Overall, I think it is extremely distasteful to chat up a girl half your age at a gas station at night....

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