Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guns & Roses

When I was a sophomore in high school, one of the theater directors wouldn't start rehearsal until the entire cast and crew went around in a circle and did Guns & roses.  If you've never heard of this, You go around the circle/table/etc. and each person says the worst part of your day, gun, and the best part of your day, a rose.  Some days have more guns than others and visa versa.
Today's Guns:
*  Got in a 'tiff' with one of my best friends last night which meant very little sleep
*  Got to class and found out I forgot my cover sheet for my project
*  Figured out that I'm pretty sure that I didn't do my project correctly
*  Found out that there are OVER 60 people applying for the professional phase that I'm applying to meaning that over half of the applicants aren't getting into the program
*  Had an awkward hour to kill between work and class
*  Made two 2nd graders cry and got one of them an office referral
Today's Roses:
*  My second class ended after only 30 minutes
*  Came home and got the living room picked up
*  Got 2 loads of laundry done
*  Folded my sister's laundry
*  Got the kitchen picked up
*  Made a fabulous dinner homemade dinner!
Parmesan pan-fried/oven baked chicken with broccoli cuts and scalloped potatoes!
I got the Parmesan crusted chicken from Arli, the potatoes were Betty Crocker from a box and the broccoli was from my freezer!

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